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RPG Sales of 2021

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I crit!
There is a GenCan't bundle!

His affiliate link

Total value: $38.45
Special bundle price: $19.50
Savings of: $18.95 (49%)

DDAL00-01 Window to the Past!
DDAL00-03 Those That Came Before
DDAL00-10 Trust and Understanding
The Silver Emporium
Theriad's Lost Verses.

The DDAL mods are amazing! The other two I haven't had an exp with but I'll bet they are cool, they look cool.

I posted this in the Ennies thread…but figured I’d add it here, too.

Rowan, Rook, & Decard are having a free shipping sale for GenCon. They also have some great bundles available in print or pdf. If you get the print version you also get the pdf.

I picked up a hardcover and pdf copy of “Heart: The City Beneath” bundled with a Map Pack (cardstock fold out hex map and sticker set to create the map as you play). Total cost $16.80.

Rowan, Rook, & Decard Free Shipping

The game just won 7 Ennies. Go get it!

Level Up!

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