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RPG Sales of 2021

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The EN World kitten
Today's deal of the day (lasting until 11 AM EDT, June 20th) is Monsters of the City from Cawood Publishing:

Cawood Publishing presents Monsters of the City for 5th Edition! Over 100 new monsters plus resources to run an urban campaign. Includes 14 legendary monsters that represent the sins and virtues. Each pair of sins and virtues influences many of the other monsters in 7 specific city districts. From the Rich Lich to the Cynical Sage of Old Age, from the Duck of Many Things to the Fallen King....your game will never be the same!

Illustrations by Travis Hanson. Graphic Design by Gordon McAlpin

Monsters have come to the city!

This 140-page full-color book includes:
  • General lore about cities
  • Game Master's Advice
  • Adventure Hooks
  • 103 new 5E monsters with individual illustrations, stat blocks, and bios
  • Undead, Humanoids, Fey, Fiends, Elementals, Constructs, Lycanthropes, Oozes, etc.
  • Includes 14 sins and virtues creatures, all legendary monsters
  • CRs 1/2 to 23
  • Cleric and Paladin subclasses
  • Encounters, Events, Locations tables
  • City Map

Please note my use of affiliate links in this post.

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