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RPG Sales of 2021

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The EN World kitten
Weird. For me the deal of the day shows up today as Dystopia Rising for $6 (70% off normal). The BESM d20 checks out as only $3 and labelled Deal of the Day for me too, but not from the front or sale page where I normally see them.
It turns out that BESM d20 Revised Edition is actually the Deal of the Day for DriveThruComics rather than DriveThruRPG, and just had the URL changed, something which apparently worked since the storefronts are essentially the same website with different skins.


I crit!
Sly Flourishes Fantastic Locations is the Deal of the Day at drivethru! $9 off

Fantastic Locations is a book of twenty ready-to-use locations you can drop right into your fantasy RPG. Each location has a flexible list of notable chambers and beautiful artwork by Brian Patterson.

Note I think this is his affiliate link.


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