WotC Rumor: OGL will not be supported starting with One D&D



A well-regarded creator for DnD content, who is known to have sources for wizards is currently saying this, and this is super concerning as it will repeat the mistakes of 4E, which lead to the death of third party support for DnD,

Would they do something so ridiculous yet again?

Now its just a rumor, but the recent developments with the VTT, and walled garden style approach they seem to be setting up for, this leaves me deeply concerned about the future of the game.

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The High Aldwin
I explained to a player once that TSR killed D&D during the lifetime of 2E and WotC buried it.

Apparently now WotC wants to dig it up and have it cremated instead. 🤷‍♂️


Well, worst case scenario, if that happens, I'll at least have all the books I want for 5E that aren't official WoTC with a few more coming next year.
But this would totally suck if it does indeed happen.


I crit!
I gotta say though, looking at the rest of that persons channel I've subscribed. Will watch a few more. Thanks!

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