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Release Rumours, Notes and Books Collection (Pathfinder 2E) (FG VTT)


Belle Muerte
New Release
Rumours, Notes and Books Collection (Pathfinder 2E)
Azukail Games

Characters may often explore dungeons, but they may also need a reason to head to them in the first place. Such a reason can come from asking around and discovering myths and legends about the dungeon in question. This supplement has 100 different rumors that characters could discover about a dungeon. They can be rumors of lost adventurers and treasures, deadly monsters, and dungeon peculiarities. Whether or not any specific rumor is true is up to the GameMaster. The provided rumors can be used as lures, background flavor, or as potential adventure hooks.

*100 Irrelevant Notes and Letters to Bamboozle Players
*100 Less Than Useful Books to Find on a Fantasy Bookshelf
*100 Rumours to Hear in a Town or Village


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