Run domains and got to war with Demesnes & Domination


Demesnes & Domination is a companion rule book to simplify Domain gameplay! Expand the scope of your preferred OSR game by making Strongholds mean something! Don't be burdened by new mechanics! Streamline time at the table with simple and familiar rules used in new ways! Grow your domain, engage in diplomacy, and go to war all without having to learn new systems!

Demesnes & Domination is a rules supplement designed to compliment OSR games by allowing players and referees to introduce high level campaign concepts without feeling overwhelmed. Domain rules are emanated by a Demesne Turn which represents one month in game where the action at the table zooms out and allow players to choose what to invest their treasure in, engage in Domain Encounters, and make meaningful choices to maintain a settlement's morale before zooming back in to the boots-on-the-ground adventuring the party already does. All of this is done using familiar mechanics that players and referee's already use at their table for easy and quick integration.

To aid with the Demesne Turn procedure, the referee is given a variety of tools to help them create interactive situations and help them generate meaningful events for players to engage with. Invest in expanding your settlements and the people that populate them to gain passive treasure from the growing population! Engage in diplomacy to scheme and plot, go to war and have both tactical mass combat or quickly calculated auto-resolutions if desired! Create an endless sandbox of medieval fantasy for players to explore! Demesnes & Domination is designed for players and referees who have been dissatisfied with prior attempts at domain-level game play. Check it out!

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