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DDAL Running DDAL04 Adventures as a Campaign


Problems with "The Broken One" (DDAL04-08)

The timeline up to this point has been vague. DDAL04-02 ("The Beast") seems to take place in early winter, as the fur trappers are still out but a winter storm is on the way. After that, the aventures just take place "in winter" (although sometimes the authors forget this and write as if it's summer). Now suddenly the intro tells us that winter has "refused to yield to spring" (page 7), as if it's already the end of the season, and then two pages later, the burgomaster is worried about feeding the village for "the rest of winter" (page 9).

This is the first adventure in which Scartia Krutz plays a major role, but notes on roleplaying her are in DDAL04-11, "The Donjon."

The description on page 12 says that Luca's house smells like rotting meat. However, the sheep skulls that have been placed there are fresh and should have had no time to rot. Even if Eugen added some older ones, they would most likely have been stored outdoors in the cold. I would replace this description with something like "It smells like a butcher shop in here."

The "Development" paragraph at the end of page 14 says that Scartia Krutz realizes Eugen Adi is on the rampage when she finds "the head of an unfortunate villager." The read-aloud text on page 15 says she shows up carrying "the tattered, bloody body of a child."

In the stat block for Eugen Adi on page 22, the trait "Ravenous Curse" says, "Luca's power comes from the curse he bears."

On page 24, the "Stones" attack for the Mob of Villagers lists the damage as 1d4 with an average of 10. This should be 4d4.

Also on page 24, the stat blocks for the Militiaman and Scartia Krutz have skills in Animal Handling and Survival, which appear to be copied from Luca Barbu's stat block.
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