5E Running "Odyssey of the Dragonlords"


This adventure path recently came out from Modiphius Entertainment. I know several people on this board are running it, and I'm hoping to run at least parts of it myself. So I thought I'd create something like the "enhancing" threads that we have for the WotC-published books, so that we have a central place where people running the adventure can discuss it. Please share your tips, modifications, and experiences running this campaign here!

Here's a link to a discussion thread that's already happened, talking about the equipment rewards in the book:

Available Weapons and Armor


I am running this campaign for one of my regular fortnightly groups. We had our first session just the other day!

One noteworthy thing: my players absolutely loved the rumours on cards thing. Make sure you do that!

My group has made the following PCs:

*Vanished One: human fighter (will take hoplite)

*Dragonslayer: human wizard (will take academy philosopher [stoicism])

*Doomed One: human rogue (not sure of subclass)

*Cursed One: protector aasimar sorcerer (divine soul) — looks like a medusa but is fighting off rest of curse

*Gifted One: warforged artificer (will take artillerist)

*Demi-God: Thylean minotaur barbarian (will take berserker)

The PCs really enjoyed meeting Kyrah. They were scared of the boar even though it turned out to be super-easy to kill.

We’re all looking forward to our next session!


I read through it. One of the big concerns/questions I had was what to do about all the tag-along NPCs. Various sidebars say the five gods won’t/can’t fight the titans or their forces, but two of them are very likely to tag along and... not do anything? And then there’s a number of other potential NPC tag-alongs that presumably would fully fight and assist, while others (like your boat crew, who could stand some fleshing our) definitely won’t.
Meanwhile we just get a vague idea of “have Chondrus sabotage the party” without any recommendations about how to do that. They’ve got a bunch of other sidebars about when to do things about the epic paths - why couldn’t they put in an idea or three about places and ways Chondrus would try to screw the party?


Kyrah is chronicling the PCs’ adventures. She can also help the party out with her songs and cause a bit of mischief with her random magic.

Not sure what all Pythor and Volkan can do other than provide role playing opportunities.

As for the other NPCs, they’re all optional. There’s a sidebar somewhere talking about how they’re best for fleshing our smaller parties.

I’ve got a party of six, but not everyone can make it to every session so having some fill-in NPCs allies can prove useful.


I won't be able to run the whole campaign anytime soon, but I do plan to excerpt a segment to run as a stand-alone adventure for a world-hopping campaign (the PCs are level 13). I was thinking of doing the Atlantis chapter.