5E Running "Odyssey of the Dragonlords"


This adventure path recently came out from Modiphius Entertainment. I know several people on this board are running it, and I'm hoping to run at least parts of it myself. So I thought I'd create something like the "enhancing" threads that we have for the WotC-published books, so that we have a central place where people running the adventure can discuss it. Please share your tips, modifications, and experiences running this campaign here!

Here's a link to a discussion thread that's already happened, talking about the equipment rewards in the book:

Available Weapons and Armor


I am running this campaign for one of my regular fortnightly groups. We had our first session just the other day!

One noteworthy thing: my players absolutely loved the rumours on cards thing. Make sure you do that!

My group has made the following PCs (updated now that they are at 3rd level):

*Vanished One: human hoplite fighter 3
*Dragonslayer: human academy philosopher (stoicism) wizard 3
*Doomed One: human Odyssean rogue 3
*Cursed One: protector aasimar divine soul sorcerer 3 — looks like a medusa but is fighting off rest of curse
*Gifted One: warforged artillerist artificer 3 — unique creature created by a jancan smith during the First War
*Demi-God: Thylean minotaur barbarian 2 / fighter 1 (will take berserker)

The PCs really enjoyed meeting Kyrah. They were scared of the boar even though it turned out to be super-easy to kill.

We’re all looking forward to our next session!
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I read through it. One of the big concerns/questions I had was what to do about all the tag-along NPCs. Various sidebars say the five gods won’t/can’t fight the titans or their forces, but two of them are very likely to tag along and... not do anything? And then there’s a number of other potential NPC tag-alongs that presumably would fully fight and assist, while others (like your boat crew, who could stand some fleshing our) definitely won’t.
Meanwhile we just get a vague idea of “have Chondrus sabotage the party” without any recommendations about how to do that. They’ve got a bunch of other sidebars about when to do things about the epic paths - why couldn’t they put in an idea or three about places and ways Chondrus would try to screw the party?


Kyrah is chronicling the PCs’ adventures. She can also help the party out with her songs and cause a bit of mischief with her random magic.

Not sure what all Pythor and Volkan can do other than provide role playing opportunities.

As for the other NPCs, they’re all optional. There’s a sidebar somewhere talking about how they’re best for fleshing our smaller parties.

I’ve got a party of six, but not everyone can make it to every session so having some fill-in NPCs allies can prove useful.


I won't be able to run the whole campaign anytime soon, but I do plan to excerpt a segment to run as a stand-alone adventure for a world-hopping campaign (the PCs are level 13). I was thinking of doing the Atlantis chapter.


Just thought I would post to comment on my house rules for the races and subclasses from this adventure:

  • Centaur: Banned because I don't like Medium-sized centaurs and because I felt a quadrupedal PC would cause more problems than it was worth.
  • Medusa: Banned because I feel like they should stay as a monster-only creature and because the implementation was seriously weak sauce compared to the curse of the medusa effects.
  • Minotaur: Allowed as written.
  • Nymph: Allowed, but all racial spells are limited to 1/day to bring them into line with every other 5e race with innate spells.
  • Satyr: Allowed as written.
  • Siren: Banned except as a Cursed One PC with the curse being that the character is unable to use their wings to fly. The racial spells are also limited to 1/day as per the nymph above.

  • Barbarian - Herculean Path: Allowed as written, although I am wary that Precocious Wrestler could be OP.
  • Bard - College of Epic Poetry: Allowed as written, although I personally find it rather fiddly.
  • Cleric - Prophecy Domain: Allowed as written, and I've clarified that all gods native to Thylea can grant this domain. (I've also added that Vallus can grant the Order domain from GGtR.)
  • Druid - Circle of Sacrifice: Allowed as written.
  • Fighter - Hoplite Soldier: Allowed as written.
  • Monk - Way of the Shield: Allowed as written, except that you must be a native of Aresia.
  • Paladin - Oath of the Dragonlord: Allowed as written.
  • Ranger - Amazon Conclave: Allowed as written, except that Bracer Defence replaces Extra Attack. (This subclass appears to have been written with the now-defunct revised ranger in mind, rather than the PHB ranger.)
  • Rogue - Odyssean: Allowed, except I've houseruled it so Clever as the Gods and Tenacious Survivor key of Intelligence instead of Charisma (to better match the fluff).
  • Sorcerer - Demigod: Allowed as written.
  • Warlock - The Fates: Allowed as written.
  • Wizard - Academy Philosopher: Allowed as written.
I'm doing a 'Where I Read' thread on this book on another site. I go fairly in-depth but try to not spoil anything. As I've only done the appendices and introduction so far, I don't think there's any spoilage - which i'm going to have to keep an eye on going forward with the adventure itself. Link below for those interested.



I decided to go with milestone leveling. I leveled the PCs to 2nd after defeating the boar and to 3rd after rescuing the Oracle.

They are now in Estoria attempting to save King Pythor's daughter. They wanted to know how long until the full moon, so I randomly rolled a d20 + a d10 and got 7 days. They considered following leads and doing one of the labors during that time but ultimately chose to stay in the city.

The situation has gotten a bit messy.

They listened to Kyrah when she said challenging the centaurs would be suicide, so they tried the negotiation route. The aasimar who looks like a medusa went to Gaius under the pretense that she was selling out / betraying her fellows. He agreed to swap out Anora for all the PCs minus the aasimar, but she balked and said she didn't think the others would agree. She had boasted to him that she was a master of sleep magics, so Gaius was confident she'd be able to figure it out. She then tried to hit him up for 500 gp for the "rare magical reagents" she'd need to be able to put them all to sleep but he wasn't buying any of that.

In the meantime, they had already stashed some weapons near Estor's Rock in case they went ahead with that plan, but since the aasimar's player didn't think it was going to work, they had the rogue observe a cow sacrifice. He saw that two basilisks came out of the river, and he then tracked them north to their lair.

It is now the day of the sacrifice. The PCs did not agree to be sacrificed instead of Anora, so she is still going to be chained to the rock. The PCs, meanwhile, are lurking in the entrance to the basilisks' cave, waiting for them to come out of the submerged part so they can ambush them with shiny bronze shields. (They didn't want to do this any earlier in the week in case Gaius and co got suspicious.)

The problem I have is that the basilisk lair is 1 mile upstream in rocky terrain, and the book states that killing the basilisks won't save Anora since Lutheria sends harpies to ensure she dies. However, I didn't think Lutheria would send harpies for a cow, so the PCs / players don't know about them, which means that if they wait in the cave for the basilisks, they probably won't make it back to Estor's Rock in time to save Anora from the harpies -- which might come across as me punishing them for getting creative. (Although it could also just make them hate Lutheria that much more.)

My one thought so far is to have Kyrah warn them that the Titans aren't going to play fair and that killing the basilisks may not be enough to save Anora. I'm considering also having her say that she doesn't think lurking in a damp, dark cave is particularly heroic and that she thinks they should take the fight to the basilisks in their lair.


On a completely different note, I also ran the graverobber scene in the agora, thinking it was a good way to show the players that the laws of Thylea are a real thing. After listening to the merchant explain why the thief was starving to death, the warforged artificer offered to buy the necklace, thinking that he wouldn't be affected by the curse since he doesn't need to eat.

On the one hand, that was quite a clever thing to do. On the other hand, I don't think the cosmic forces of Thylea will appreciate his attempt to cheat. I am thinking of having him start to suffer exhaustion levels anyway, especially since he is not an outsider. He was once a living Thylean native whose soul was infused by a jancan smith into the construct body (the player chose Gifted One as his epic path, so I took a page from the lore behind Dragon Age golems). So he should still be subject to the curses and stuff in some way. Plus, all the other players were like, "Dude, the curse is just going to change and you're gonna be screwed. Don't do it!" And he chose to do it anyway.


Bumping this to add a link to the "Let's Read" thread on this site (different from @One Horse town 's thread above: