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Kickstarter S5E; Superheroic RPG for 5th edition Kickstarter ending soon!


Game designer/editor, Arcanist Press & Sigil Ent.
S5E: Superheroic Roleplaying for 5th Edition has:
Cover Art from Eisner award winner Sanford Greene;
Fiction from George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards author Kevin Murphy;
The actor Noah Averbach-Katz from Star Trek: Discovery to appear in our S5E actual play live-streamed game;
The chance to play all of your favorite superheroes from comics, film, and TV;
The ability to make any hero you can imagine, with 500+ powers, dozens of classes and subclasses, 100+ feats and more;
Rules for modern weapons, vehicles, and combat to work with superheroes or any other modern genre and setting;
Comic book superhero tropes fully covered with rules for secret identities, hidden lairs, collateral damage, combo moves, sidekicks, and more!

We've blown through so many stretch goals, too, so you'll be getting a ton of content!

Ending tomorrow!
S5E-Cover SMALL.jpeg

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Level Up!

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