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Release Sabre RPG 2nd Edition


I'd like to announce the Sabre RPG System 2nd Edition has been rolling out for the past few weeks at DTRPG! It's a system built on foundations of realism, smooth play and flexibility, featuring a skill-based d100 core with passive talents, active manoeuvres, in-game "on-the-spot" character advancement and a simple but powerful magic system.

It comes in Fantasy and Scifi varieties, with a Bestiary for fantasy monsters and rules for Starships as well. Both are based on the same core ruleset, so you can easily mix-n-match for time travelling space cowboys in a medieval setting fighting dragons, space wizards of the future etc. There's vehicle rules for car wars scenarios, the works! Development is ongoing, but it's a stable system that's really come together! It's under the OGL, so there's a free basic edition of the fantasy system you can check out, plus a premium version with much more content.


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Paragon Lost

Terminally Lost
Looked interesting and I noted it in Drivethrurpg while browsing, so I snagged everything you've released so far. :) I look forward to reading through it during the next few weeks.


A quick update

Things have been a bit crazy around here lately as Melbourne goes into a heavy lockdown. Coupled with the coldest winter in my lifetime and juggling a few jobs, it's been hard to keep on with work. Having said that, I'm still getting some done on the Feydwiir Atlas when I can, and it's starting to come together. It's also a bigger project than I thought it'd be, so there's plenty to do.

I've finished the updated maps today, with the overall style shown here:


Anyway I better get back to it, stay safe everyone.


Hi everyone, I had a bit of a hiatus after burning out a bit this year, but I've put together an update for the system and written up a small devblog (here) to cover what's new. TL;DR, a faster and easier method to calculate character Threat Levels, a number of small fixes and refinements, and a new fantasy race to try! Also, starting work on a GM guide to help people run sabre games, a requested item ;) Stay safe guys.

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