Kickstarter Saethor's Bane on Backerkit, solo adventure for GURPS


If you are like so many more mature (older) gamers, you probably have more desire than opportunity to get your game on. Well, there is a Backerkit campaign for a Saethor's Bane, a solo adventure module (think Choose your own adventure but with GURPS combat). It is a great way to while away the hours when you are working from home... I mean in your free time.

It is designed as a intro to the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy RPG line, so can be an excellent system entry point if you are GURPS-curious.

On a personal note, I find the products from Gaming Ballistic to be very high quality and very much in the traditional GURPS style. A good balance of detail and playability, mature authorial voice, transparency of design goals... I think Douglas Cole is an outstanding game designer that deserves support.

Anyway, on with the link...


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Woohoo, Saethor's Bane is one of the hottest project of the week on Backerkit. At this rate, we'll gallop across the full-color stretch goal (which would be sweet).



Well, just a couple days left and it has done fairly well. So last call to get into it. One thing I think is under-appreciated is that this also designed as a intro to the GURPS family mechanics. So if you were curious about it, had probably heard crazy things about it, and want to check it out in a nice, easy to digest package, this is a good product for you.

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