Release SAKE (Sorcerers, Adventurers, Kings, And Economics) strategy ttrpg published

SAKE ttrpg


Translation and design took its time but now it's done. I am happy to announce that SAKE ttrpg is ready for players. The game can be downloaded at Drivethru RPG or

Drivethru RPG:

What's The Game About
SAKE is a modular point-buy TTRPG that blends strategy game elements and gives you the opportunity to embody powerful rulers, savvy merchants, fearless adventurers, mad sorcerers, or priests with pacts with strange gods. All at the same time!

SAKE is perfect for those who love to build and create, as you can transform your dungeon loot into grand castles and establish your own domains, fleets, or armies alongside your unique characters.

SAKE includes:
  • A robust system for managing domains and generating adventures around them.
  • A system for engaging in trade and shipping, complete with all the associated intrigues and risks.
  • A system for large-scale battles, complete with troops, sieges and more.
  • An abundance of random tables for generating events, dungeons and adventures.

Core Mechanics
  • SAKE uses a standard 7-dice set (d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, d20).
  • Most rolls are made with a d20 (skill checks, attack rolls, spell rolls, etc.).
  • Point buy. During play, PCs can earn Experience Points (EXP), which they can use to purchase Skill Ranks, abilities, Health Points, spells, etc.
  • Experience Points can be gained through gameplay events and the personality traits of a player character. At the end of each game session, the Game Master (GM) and the players evaluate how much EXP was earned. The amount of EXP earned is individual.
  • Hex crawls and dungeon crawls are divided into turns. During each turn, each PC has one action. In addition, the skills and abilities of the PCs combine to form the group’s overall capability, from which Opportunities and Hazards arise.
  • To prepare a dungeon or hex crawl, the GM fills out a dungeon or region sheet. These sheets have several parts that are already pre-filled with general ideas of what may happen during the adventure, which speeds up and simplifies the GM’s work.
  • Combat is divided into 10-second rounds, during which each character has one Action and one Reaction. The order of Actions is determined at the beginning of combat.
  • Reactions can only be used during an opponent’s Action to disrupt them (for example shooting when an opponent moves).
  • Attack and Parrying are determined by opposing rolls.
  • Armour provides Damage Reduction.
  • Magic functions similarly to other skills. You can advance your mastery in magic schools (skills) by acquiring ranks, spells are individual Abilities that must be obtained individually.

Happy gaming!

Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav

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