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[Saturday PM] FLASHPOINT: The Scorpio Enclave (Spycraft) (Spots available...)


FLASHPOINT is an elite multi-agency task force created to react quickly where their sponsor agencies could not. FLASHPOINT has been successful in stopping three major disasters to date, and uncovered the machinations of THE FORTRESS, a coalition of rogue elements within America's military industrial complex.

But FORTRESS is injured, it's not going down easy: its masters are well entrenched and its cells well hidden. Even as political maneuvering by FORTRESS elements threaten to pull the plug on FLASHPOINT, the team's handlers lose contact with an asset in the Scorpio Enclave, a near-forgotten satellite relay station in the Pacific. This could be a bold move by FORTRESS to play their hand before they are discovered, and possibly the last chance for the FLASHPOINT Strikeforce to take down the FORTRESS before they disappear back into the intelligence landscape.

The Scorpio Enclave is a continuation of the FLASHPOINT storyline, though it is not necessary to have played the prior event; all agents will be briefed.

FLASHPOINT is a Spycraft 2.0 mini-campaign, featuring a mix of problem solving, intrigue, investigation, and hair-raising action in a world very much like our own on the surface, but with ancient secrets poised to change the world forever. The Scorpio Enclave in particular draws inspiration from the Bond movies, Ludlum's spy thrillers, and Global Frequency.

  • CUTTER (Hal Cook) - Group frontman, master of disguise and "social engineering". Quick thinker who always has an angle.
  • DISH (Erica Pangalos) - Superb hacker, investigator, and MacGyver-esque inventor.
  • DUTCHBOY (Derek Wallace) - Veteran agent, investigator, and cleaner. Particularly good at "debriefing" in the Jack Baeur school.
  • GOODEYE (Serena Galíndez) - Hot blooded latina that likes guns. Big guns. A little unsubtle, but nice to have around once lead starts flying.
  • MAJOR TOM (Thomas Cassidy) - Team leader and tactician, former special ops officer. Tough as nails and as serious (and lethal) as a heart attack.
  • OVERDRIVE (Vince Dorsey) - Spoiled hot rodder, thrill seeker, and general loose canon.
  • ROULETTE (Mara Weiss) - A wanderer who has been to many countries, and is responsible for breaking & entering in most of them.
  • STIMPY (Pablo Rodriguez) - Streetwise career agent. Was an informant as a youth in Panama, but eventually grew into a full fledged company man.

  1. Jasmine
  2. Kirbyk
  3. Lugh
  4. dorgin_malgard
  5. Eviltwinskippie, Jr.
  6. OPEN
  7. OPEN

  1. OPEN
  2. OPEN
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Quick point of clarification for anyone that might be confused:

It has come to my attention that there is a Canadian TV series in the vein of 24 called Flashpoint. The first episode of this show is called Scorpio. THIS GAME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SHOW. I was using Flashpoint as a series title for my game for over a year before this show premiered.


First Post
My daughter's afternoon game was cancelled. Please sign up Eviltwinskippie, Jr. for the remaining slot? She's never played Spycraft, but she's been gaming for about 10 years now.