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[Wed 1:30-6:00] FLASHPOINT: The Secret of Smith Island (Spycraft 2.0)




On Wednesday, I'll be running an early game of Spycraft 2.0. Show up to GenCon early for action! subterfuge! explosions! sneakiness! supernatural horrors from beyond*.

This will be a continuation of last year's FLASHPOINT plotline, though it is not necessary to have played the prior event; you will be briefed.

SECRET OF SMITH ISLAND: An idyllic island in the Chesapeake at some point became a "prison without walls" for important intelligence assets. But the events of the prior FLASHPOINT mission indicates that the prisoners may have become the wardens. The FLASHPOINT agents need to infiltrate the compound of a compromised US Intelligence facility to determine just how deep the tendrils of the mysterious man known as FATHER run.

Players from prior sessions, please confirm which session you can play in if you have not already done so.

All players, feel free to include preferences with regard to starting time, scenario, and agent; prior players get priority with the agents. There may be some new agents, or I can make agents to request or port one from my PbP if you are early enough.

FLASHPOINT is a Spycraft mini-campaign, featuring a mix of problem solving, intrigue, investigation, and hair-raising action in a world very much like our own on the surface, but with ancient secrets poised to change the world forever.

  • CUTTER (Hal Cook) - Group frontman, master of disguise and "social engineering". Quick thinker who always has an angle.
  • DISH (Erica Pangalos) - Superb hacker, investigator, and MacGyver-esque inventor.
  • DUTCHBOY (Derek Wallace) - Veteran agent, investigator, and cleaner. Particularly good at "debriefing" in the Jack Baeur school.
  • GOODEYE (Serena Galíndez) - Hispanic woman that likes guns. Big guns. A little unsubtle, but nice to have around once lead starts flying.
  • MAJOR TOM (Thomas Cassidy) - Team leader and tactician, former special ops officer. Tough as nails and as serious (and lethal) as a heart attack.
  • OVERDRIVE (Vince Dorsey) - Spoiled hot rodder, thrill seeker, and general loose canon.
  • ROULETTE (Mara Weiss) - A wanderer who has been to many countries, and is responsible for breaking & entering in most of them.
  • STIMPY (Pablo Rodriguez) - Streetwise career agent. Was an informant as a youth in Panama, but eventually grew into a full fledged company man.
If it helps visualize, here's some of the characters and actors I think of when I put these characters together:
  • CUTTER - Brantly Foster (Michael J. Fox) in Secret of my Succe$s.
  • DISH - No one, really, but a bit like a cross between Nancy Drew and Kate "Acid Burn" Libby in Hackers.
  • DUTCHBOY - Tommy Lee Jones' characters in Men In Black (1&2), Fugitive, and US Marshals, Jack Bristow (Victor Garber) from Alias.
  • GOODEYE - Vasquez (Jenette Goldstein) from Aliens.
  • MAJOR TOM () - Commander Anderson (Michael Beihn) in The Rock, Peter Keyes (Gary Busey) in Predator 2, and (visually) any Military or Intelligence character played by Tony Todd.
  • OVERDRIVE - Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) in xXx.
  • ROULETTE - Marie (Franka Potente) in the Bourne Identity, Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) in Alias.
  • STIMPY - Visually, someone like Jimmy Smits. Character wise, sharp analyst type like Milo Pressman or Morris O'Brien (from 24).
[/sblock]AGENT MECHANICS:[sblock]
Talent, Specialty, and Classes of the characters are:
  • CUTTER - Cunning Financier Faceman/Schemer
  • DISH - Persistent Investigator Hacker/Inventor
  • DUTCHBOY - Veteran Contract Professional Sleuth/Cleaner
  • GOODEYE - Vigilant Soldier-of-Fortune Soldier/Counter-Terrorist
  • MAJOR TOM - Savvy Special Ops Pointman/Soldier/Tactician
  • OVERDRIVE - Privleged Thrill-Seeker Wheelman/Stuntman
  • ROULETTE - Graceful Wanderer Intruder
  • STIMPY - Orphaned Jack-of-All-Trades Snoop
  1. GoblinGirl
  2. Wil Upchurch
  3. xrpsuzi
  4. Glacialis
  5. TroyXavier
  6. Open
  7. Open

* - Operation FLASHPOINT and its representatives can neither confirm nor deny the presence of supernatural horrors in the operational area. Proceed with caution. Consult the "basement" department for details on defenses.
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