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Release Savage Worlds: Aces High released!

Giuseppe R

Aces High is available on drivethruprg!

Jump in the cockpit and start up the engines!


Early biplanes, modern fighters, spaceships, and even transforming aircrafts are waiting for brave pilots to soar the skies and dive into battle!

Aces High! is an alternative fighting system that expands on the SWADE Quick Encounters rules, and is designed to represent dogfights that maintain the meaningful details of vehicles, weapons, battle orders and types of enemy units while still playing fast and cinematic.

What’s inside:
  • A system designed to represent dogfights where a handful of heroes fly their vehicles in a small squad and face dozens of enemies
  • Special rules for Orders given from the squad leader and their impact on immediate action and outside of combat
  • Detailed modifiers and combat outcomes for a variety of attacks and maneuvers
  • Rules for multiple crew on the same aircraft
  • Rules to model specific types of missions (escort, defense, bombing, etc)
  • Super Energy rules for your not-so-realistic Sci-Fi, fantasy and steampunk settings
  • Examples of tweakings to play variant games such as Dragon Riders!
  • A handy glossary of aviation slang so that you know your playmates from your bandits and don't forget your bag even if you are on a milk run!
  • A handy, printable one page reference sheet with a summary of the rules
  • Pages of colorful printable tokens for a variety of units!

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