Savage Worlds Play write up


Space 1889 3rd Session December 12, 2021

Norbert Woodstone played by Henry
Alice Maud played by Cass
Captain Lance Corpus played by Tim
Captain Reginald Nelson played by Alex

The party was forced to wait out a giant sand storm aboard a canal boat with the remnants of their shipmates that traveled with them to Mars. Also hunkered down with them were a caravan of nobles from a Martian city state and the boat handlers on the canal boat. The storm battered the boat for 24 hours and finally moved on.

The Captain un-moored the canal boat from the river bank and the passengers resumed their journey to Syrtis Major. Several miles later the crew shouted alarm. Where a large dune had recently stood, the ruins of an ancient Martian temple now lay revealed, the dune peeled away by the recent sandstorm. The Captain stopped the ship to look at the ruins. The party began discussing with him the possibility of halting their journey so they may investigate the ancient, and seemingly unexplored ruins. The Captain agreed, and one of the deck hands signed on to carry their camera to the unearthed building, but told the party he would not enter.

Departing the boat, they moved to the ruins, which were within a mile of the canal. As they neared the ancient building, they could see a large set of stairs that led to the top of the ziggurat shaped building. On the top was an altar, with hieroglyphic-like symbols covering it. Alice Maud began closely examining the altar, and located a release mechanism in the eye of a snake shaped hieroglyphic that opened a door leading to a stair that descended steeply into the antediluvian ruins.

The group cautiously descended the stairs and reached a hall after a deep descent. It was at that moment when the door atop the stairs closed with a loud ca-chunk. The party had a ship lantern with them and it was alight, but they were a bit spooked. It was at that moment something began shuffling towards them from the other end of the hallway. Out of the darkness, ancient Martian zombies attacked. Several of the members were consumed with fear at seeing the undead ancient beings. Norbert, who was leading the party, was consumed with fear and ran up the stairs at a high rate of speed, while urinating on himself.

A wild melee ensued. The 1st zombie in line was destroyed immediately by Alice Maud. Captain Nelson swung the ships lantern at one of the zombies, missed terribly, and the lantern went out. The party was now in total darkness. Captain Corpus slashed wildly, cutting Alice Maud deeply across the thigh. The remaining Zombies were put down and Mr. Woodstone slunk back to the party, hoping they would not notice the wet stain on his pants. He informed the party that the door they came in through was now closed and he could not open it.

Captain Nelson, who is a trained physician, attempted to heal Ms. Maud, but the shock of seeing undead creatures must have shook him, as he mistakenly sliced the nerves of Ms. Maud’s left leg, making her effectively lame. The party moved further down the hall, where a worn curtain covered the entrance of the main temple chamber. Mr. Woodstone cut parts of the curtain up, and using his clay lamp oil pots, created 2 Molotov cocktails. The main chamber was large with lines of pillars leading through the chamber where an altar could be seen 100 feet away. The party lit an extra torch, and with the re-lit ship lantern casting shadows throughout the room, began moving through the pillars that rose over 40 feet to the ceiling high above.

Mr. Woodstone and Captain Nelson moved forward through the center of the chamber, with Ms. Maud, holding a torch and armed with a pistol, moved to the left of the door. What she saw there was a large snake-like creature, who was swinging her arms around and unleashed a spell that chilled the party to the bone and put the fear of ancient horrors into their brain. Captain Corpus collapsed in the corner and began to drool on himself. The other three shrugged off the fear and attacked. Captain Nelson grabbed a Molotov cocktail from the stunned Mr. Woodstone, and tossed it at another Snake like creature that appeared from behind a pillar. The bottle crashed into the wall behind the Nagas and exploded.

The party began firing pistols at the snake creatures, whilst the creatures hid behind the altar and cast blast spells. Mr. Woodstone moved forward to get a clear shot at the Naga on the left and killed it. Captain Nelson noticed a golden Sword hanging from chains over the altar earlier, and decided to grab it and attack the remaining Naga, missing. The Naga bit the Captain, killing him with its poisonous bite. Mr. Nelson, grabbing the Captain's other pistol, stepped up and wounded the Naga. The Naga responded by biting Mr. Nelson, killing him.

Alice Maud had limped forward, and could see the Captain and Mr. Nelson lying on the floor convulsing. The Naga looked up and began moving towards the crippled Ms. Maud. She leveled her rifle, which she had previously unslung from her shoulder, and took aim at the quickly approaching temple guardian. She carefully pulled the trigger, striking the remaining monster, killing it.

End of Session Recap, 2 dead PCs, 1 drooling in corner, and 1 now lame Ms. Maud who has to escape the Temple with a mentally incapacitated Captain (rolled critical failure on test and I went with it) Session had 5 critical failures. All had the table rolling with laughter.

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