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D&D General Scaling up dungeons for mounted characters?


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While watching Mad Max: Fury Road, I was thinking about how the setting was almost like a big dungeon. The characters had to make their way through (and then back through) each region, while dealing with combat, exploration, and social encounters. And also a guy with a fire-breathing guitar.

And because my brain is always translating things into D&D, I started to think about how I would run such a thing in a D&D game. Not just the chase, or cars, or whatever, but the idea of having a dungeon that is made for mounted characters.

Has anyone had experience creating dungeons specifically for a campaign with mounted characters?

One idea I had was simply to scale things up. Instead of 10-foot or 30-foot rooms, make them 100 - 300 ft. It's still assumed a character can cross a room with one or two turns, because they're mounted. The settings, too, would change: instead of underground fortresses with stairs and low ceilings, the dungeons would have to be canyons, forests, or even a whole overland journey between towns.

In fact, expanding on this, a single "room" could be an entire grassland, or mountainside, or anything that can be traversed by a mounted character without much difficulty.

And just like a dungeon, each "room" would have treasure, or puzzles, or enemies, or mysterious NPC's. It would just be at a much larger scale.

Anyways, has anyone had experience scaling up dungeons for a campaign in which characters are mounted, or on vehicles, or in a ship? What did you do to adjust the scale of the settings? What were some challenges?

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I’ve played in an all-mounted Pathfinder 1e game. We used a 3pp supplement to make it work rules-wise, but ‘dungeons’ weren’t hard to create - just surround the active area with mount-unfriendly terrain like mountains or swamps.

For 5e, the only house rules I think you’ll need are sturdier mounts.

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