D&D 5E Scarab of Death - A Mystery Adventure for 10th Level Characters


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The Scarab of Death is now available on the Dungeon Master's Guild!

Scarab of Death is a D&D 5e mystery adventure for a party of 10th level characters that doesn’t miserably fall apart because of divination magic. It takes place in the Raging Bull District in Waterdeep (Forgotten Realms) but you can easily adapt the adventure to any city.

A young noble is found dead a block away from Nabulee’s Bazaar of the Extraordinary. Everything suggests that Nabulee was neglectful and left his scarab of death unattended, which ultimately led to the death of the noble. But how did the cursed broach find its way out of Nabulee’s impenetrable vault in the first place? And why doesn’t Nabulee remember taking it out? Will the characters solve this mystery before the noble’s vengeful father has Nabulee beheaded?

In this adventure, you will find:

  • Over 25 pages of quality content
  • 4 to 6 hours of gameplay
  • Beautiful color maps and illustrations
  • New monsters and magic items, including the infamous scarab of death
  • A complete description of the Raging Bull District with a detailed map of the area
  • A printer-friendly DM Companion Booklet with monster stats and detailed scaling guidelines (levels 8 to 12)

You can get the adventure here.

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