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Sci-Fi Player Races is now out in PDF on DrivethruRPG!

Sci-Fi Player Races
is a book of playable races for the 5th edition rules of the world's most popular role-playing game. It contains 14 races, ranging from the weird to more archetypal science-fiction aliens. Although originally for the science-fantasy RPG Center Space, they can easily be used with any genre. The PDF contains racial traits and feats for each race, a few new weapons and items, and some suggestions for adapting them to other genres.

Andaki: Fiercely independent insectoid avians
Dijat: A virtually inexhaustible species perfectly adapted to desert environments
Eera: An amphibious species that evolved from eel-like creatures
Gitix: A species of emotionless, winged insects that live according to logic and reason
Hoi: Tree-dwelling humanoids capable of entering a waking dream-like state
Kechek: Armored, multi-armed insectoid warriors
Nimahnse: A species of hyper-intelligent jellyfish-like creatures
Psyan: An offshoot of humans with innate clairvoyant abilities
Siduri: A species of telepaths that evolved from dinosaur-like creatures
Sissith: A species of stealthy assassins
Uhr: Eyeless creatures who “see” with their other senses and lead monastic lives
Vharaga: Hulking, heavily armored warlike creatures
Vokt: Huge, horned beasts adapted to life in cold environments
Zuar: An innate empathic species that excels in diplomacy and deception

Note: Each of these races are available individually as well. The information in the individual books are essentially the same.

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