Pathfinder 1E Scrimshaner: Druid Archetype [Homebrew]


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Druid Archetype: Scrimshaner

The scrimshaner is a trapper or frontiersman that has developed from a deep and abiding passion for untamed wilderness and the natural order. This druid archetype is proficient in the use of firearms has developed a deep spiritual bond with her favored gun as a tool for hunting, protection, and survival in the wilds. Scrimsaw is both a hobby and religious practice in which they honor their prey by using its teeth and bones to create hand carved artworks, tools, and weapons.

Weapon Proficiencies: The scrimshaner gains proficiency with firearms and loses proficiency with any shield.

Bonded Firearm (Sp): You start play with one personally crafted pistol, blunderbuss, or musket. She has bonded with this ivory gripped weapon engraved with creatures of spiritual significance to the scrimshaner. If this weapon is lost the scrimshander can replace it by personally crafting a replacement firearm and conducting a 1d4hr. bonding ritual. The scrimshander can channel touch and ranged touch spells through her bonded firearm. The spell is lost if the bullet misses or the gun misfires. Use the gun’s critical for the channeled spell when applicable. Bonded Firearm replaces the druid’s first level Nature Bond.

Sage Gunsmith (Ex): At first level, you gain the Gunsmith feat. Sage Gunsmith replaces Wild Empathy.

Scrimshaw Bullets (Su): The scrimshander has an unusual form of druidic spontaneous casting. Instead of summoning a specific monster, the scrimshander conjures a carved bullet effigy of the creature. When shot this bullet inflicts standard damage plus the monster’s charge damage with any applicable special effects (i.e. venom, elemental damage, pounce, powerful charge, etc.). The scrimshaw bullet lasts for 1/round per caster level until shot. Only a scrimshaner can fire a scrimshaw bullet.

Pioneer Grit (Ex): The scrimshander has grit and the deeds available to a gunslinger the same class level. The scrimshander class level stacks with your gunslinger level to gain access to deeds. Pioneer Grit ability replaces Wild Shape.


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