"Second Son of a Second Son" - Bleys' Journal


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11 Syet, 637 M.Y.

Assassins have again made an attempt on my brother-in-law’s life. I am beginning to grow upset. The audacity of such overtures is not only dangerous it is reckless, chaotic and wholly uncivilized. The Red Lantern Gang has earned the ire of a new foe this eve. The attempt this time was a good one: well-planned, swiftly conducted and lethally executed. Perhaps it is the smile of Bes alone that saved Telemakhos for surely he should be dead.

One of the duo has succumbed to grievous injuries, the other we were fortunate enough to take prisoner. I shall look forward to the opportunity to speak with him, perhaps then we will have more answers than questions.

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Victoria Ostrander, Militant of Anhur







First Post
12 Syet, 637 M.Y.

Markos abdicated his duel to Telemakhos, an attempt at redemption, though his reward was only humility. Perhaps some day after Telemakhos gains better clarity and focus he shall return to reclaim his prize from Danser von Huet-Blued.

We have met with the local Watch-Mage, a broad Neergaardian named Berenger the Taupe and his familiar Ewan, a fine hound. He shall arrange an audience for us at Terrapin to see the assassin being held there. Laarus shall call upon Ra to hold the criminal’s tongue true. Perhaps we will have more answers soon.


Terrapin is built upon the famed ziggurat of Heliopolis, the capitol of the Sunra Kingdom. I have always wanted to visit but have never had opportunity nor recourse to do so. The history of the Third Age is rich here in Lilly City and I am excited to have had this opportunity to see one of its marvels first hand. The dungeons of the stronghold are no place I should ever like to find myself. They are fetid and damp, as if a constant reminder that one might be short for a shallow grave.

We found the prisoner in receipt of proper treatment and Sir Berneger was of like mind as myself during his interrogation. We did not learn much from him, despite the influence of the knight’s spell. The assassin, we never learned his name, and his partner Sancri were contacted by a halfling of the monikecker Gibbet in Quillton. The contract on my brother-in-law’s life is worth 600 pieces of silver; a pittance to be sure. But perhaps this information is yet valuable. Those who hold a love of currency can be bought. I shall remember this should the time come.

‘Truth is in knowing. To know is to empower.’
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