Secret and Cypher


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Sneak Attack Press has just released our latest book: Secret and Cypher.

Secrets are valuable. Knowing the enemies’ orders can win a war. Knowing a competitor’s recipe for superior steel can make you rich. As long as there have been people, there have been secrets. The trouble is that sometimes you need to share these secrets, but only with a certain few.

That is why humans invented ways to hide secret messages, an art known as steganography. Of the many ways to hide messages one of the most popular is cryptography, the means of turning messages into unreadable blobs of text and then back.

Secret and Cypher includes:
  • A real world history of cryptography
  • Optional rules for encoding and decoding message
  • New equipment
  • 1 new spell
  • 3 magic items
  • 1 new template
  • 2 new monsters
You can also save by getting Secret and Cypher along with other books as part of the This and That Bundle.

Finally, if you want to see more books like Secret and Cypher in the future, you can support our Patreon.

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