Seeking Kit'r



*A woman moves to the boards, smelling faintly of spices and cooked meats. She posts a simple parchment written on it graphite.*

To Whom it may Concern,
I seek the woman known as Kit'r that for many years has lived near the vicinity of Juxta City. She is not tall for a woman, long white hair and eyes that glow like pools of light. Most often I had found her at play, dance or song and often she was seen looking after a small black cat or young tiger cub.
Within the past few weeks however she has vanished from the Cave she had been tending and has not been seen in any of her more usual haunts. This worries me greatly as she left the animals she had been looking after to wander wild and alone.
If any have news of Kit'r, I would dearly like to know of her wellbeing.

Her faithful friend,

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Agudo Archmage

Animal Lover


Artwork copyright © 2003, Gordon R. Quigley

It was a lovely day at the emporium, hundreds of people milling about.
Shops were wide open and ready for a brisk change in coin or valuable trade.

A blond haired wizard, who kept his long mane in a sharp ponytail.
Had just come out of a delightful haflings lass shop.

She had just made an excellent deal, on trading with the mage.
By exchanging one of his famous pointy hats for her turnips recipe.

Walking along an waving good buy to the proprietor, Agudo smiles.
“Well Lady Hoot I hope my old hat helps her poor brother”

The lovely snow owl who was sitting on his shoulder agrees.
“Yes imagine getting his head stuck into one of those fiendish Gnome machines …
what was it called ?”

The mage thought for just a second.
“I believed she said it was a mechanical tooth pick sharpeners.”

A few minutes latter they were reading the latest advertisements on the board.
“What about this Hoot?

Wanted one green-scaled Medusa, from the border regions!
Do to a tragic accident with a halfling.
I the Famous statue maker Chipsahoa, have been maimed.
My once strong arm was disfigured in a Mechanical Tooth Pick sharpener.
I am desperate to save my lively hood, and would pay handsomely for the before mentioned Medusa.

Lady Hoot shook her head.
“It would probably be unethical to help Chipsahoa, in tricking people about his now impaired artistic ability

The wise white owl then took note of the lost animal lover.
“ I believe I shall leave a note for this wayward person friend.”

To Sara
I Lady Hoot an enchanted owl, would ask more of this kind friend too animals.
Did Kit'r have any enemies you know of?
Could you see any mood changes in her?
Was she afraid lately?

Lady Hoot

Epic Threats

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