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Selling core books & splats for 2nd, 3.0 and 4th (bid on entire edition please)


serves Gnome Master
Hello everyone,

I've decided to sell my 2nd edition, 3.0 edition and 4th edition books because for fantasy RPGing I now play Trailblazer to the exclusion of everything else.

I just want it to end up in some gamer's hands, instead of gathering dust on my shelf, so I'll sell the whole lot for €180 as a bottom price. If someone bids more it will likely go towards my other geek hobbies :)

I'll sell the books of an entire edition too, for a reasonable price. I will not sell single books. The idea is to free up shelf space and get some returns out of it, not sell each book for maximum value and still be selling books during years for which the Mayas didn't even have calendars.

All books are in a good state, the 4th edition especially. The 2nd and 3rd edition books do have some wear around the corners. They have been used, but were treated with care.

Please bid by PM, but questions can be asked in the thread: someone else might also like to know the answer.

2nd edition
(Black covers with yellow and red lettering)
Player's Handbook
Monstrous manual
Dungeon Master Guide
Tome of Magic (soft cover)
(Complete series, almost all with the more paperlike cover)
Dwarves (nicer, sturdier, cover)
Gnomes and Halflings
Wizards and Rogues of the Realms (better cover as well)
Warriors and Priest of the Realms (better cover)

3.0 edition
Players Handbook (2x)
Psionics Handbook
Dungeon Master Guide
Monster Manual
Tome and Blood
Sword and Fist
Defenders of the Faith
Master of the Wild
Song and Silence
I'll throw in the Kenzer 3.0 Kalamar DM screen too. The one with way too many panels, including the pizza topping selection table.

4th edition
Players Handbook
Player's Handbook 2
Dungeon Master Guide
Dungeon Master's Guide 2
Monster Manual
Monster Manual 2
Adventurer's Vault
Adventurer's Vault 2
Martial power
Arcane Power
Divine Power

To Mods: I posed this in General because of this thread:
If it's not the right place, let me know.

Happy gaming!
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