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5E Semi One Shot like Campaign.


I've offered to GM for my group on the days one of the players has reserve duty. Normally we dont like to play our current campaign if everyone cant make it. Me GMing will allow the main campaign GM to play which he likes to do when he can. It will also allow players to run other characters they been wanting to try.

So I'm going to have the players roll for stats using their choice of 2 methods.

1st method: Roll 5d6k3 Seven times keep 6.

2nd method: Roll 24d6 drop 6 (if you roll 10 or more 1's reroll) combine the remaining 18 dice into groups of 3 to make their stats.

I believe this will make for some high stat characters which is what I want.

Another change I'm making is with the races. Players can choose races straight out of the book or choose from the mod'ed races.

Mod for races all races (except human) add +1 to two stats and choose a feat as well as all normal racial stuff.

Mod for human is Variant human except +1 to three stats.

I'm also going to be running gritty but monty haul-ish like dungeons more then a complete campaign.
As I've said, this is just to give a some games during the times everyone can make it and give our regular GM some game time as well.

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If we play it will start on the first weekend in Oct.

I think I'll have them start at 2nd lv and run them through the dungeon Caliban. :p


Most/all of our group can math pretty well so they can decide which they want to use. I'll keep the 28d6 option available if the group asks about the numbers being to far off.


You could let the players roll for stats how they want and just give out some super bonuses. This way the player feels like he still is making the character and not along for your ride. You could also allow combining classes for a gestalt class making the PCs more powerful. Basically each PC is a multi-classed character but uses only one level of XP instead of 2.

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