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World of Kulan DM
I just wanted to let people know that WotC has begun uploading the seminar videos from GenCon to their Youtube page.

I've particularly enjoyed the art seminar.
That's the only one of the seminars I've watched, so far. And I agree with you. It was highly enjoyable.

One of the most interesting aspects was that there was a confirmation that, to start, there isn't a core D&D world. Right now, there is only a world bible for the Forgotten Realms that is divorced from the rules.

And that each individual setting will have its own world bible. (I like how Jon noted that Mike [Mearls] is a big fan of Greyhawk.)

Another great, theoretical, comment/question was his idea of releasing a set of core rules that didn't refer to any world or have any art. Would that be something gamers would buy?

I think I'd be interested since it wouldn't come with any prepackaged notions about setting, which would allow me tomore easily build the setting I'd want to run. Yet, I would hope its graphical design is interesting enough that it wouldn't be like flipping through a dry textbook.

Anyway, just some reactions on my part.


5ever, or until 2024
In one of them (monsters, magic items, dm mischief?) they put heavy emphasis on the flexibility of the cosmology and monster origin. Its all (mostly) up to the DM.

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