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Enter Stage Left: The Comedic Jabs Combat Tradition
Among the most esoteric and rarest set of combat techniques is the Comedic Jabs combat tradition, a discipline that defies the grim seriousness of all others, steeping its practitioners in what to some seems to be mere tomfoolery—yet this art of combat is as deadly as it is unusual. Found among the actors in theatrical troupes, street performers, and adventurers with a penchant for farce, this tradition is an approach to battle that emphasizes mastery over the mind of an opponent. When employed correctly its methods frustrate and baffle, wearing down an enemy’s defenses for a spectacular finishing blow. By Mike Myler.

Year of Celebration: Fall Festivals
As leaves fall from the trees, crops are gathered, and days grow colder, many folk look forward with anticipation to the festivals of fall. These holidays focus on bringing cheer and binding communities together as they face the long winter months ahead, and this article presents Narrators with a range of such celebrations for their games. Adding color to any stop in a settlement, these listings also include game mechanics for the small perks that participation can provide. By Marc Kenobi.

Well-Equipped: Cultural Gear
First introduced in the Dungeon Delver’s Guide, cultural equipment is exactly what the name indicates it is; a collection of gear that reflects the unique challenges, priorities, and idiosyncrasies of the culture it is associated with. This article addresses gear for the Cosmopolitan, Eladrin, Stoic Orc, Lone Wanderer, Tyrannized, and Wood Elf cultures, with more to come in future articles. By Peter N. Martin

Making Do: The Scrap Crafter Artificer and Junkyard Feats.
Not every inventor has the best materials and conditions, and many have to do the best with what they have. In the right person, substituting practical application in place of formal education can produce potent results. This article introduces a new artificer archetype for the occasion, as well as three feats with a similar theme. By Andrew Engelbrite.

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Luckily my kobold artificer with mostly alchemy "flavored" spell inventions won't have to choose an archetype before this issue is out...

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