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Kickstarter Sewer Maps KS


First Post

Meanders 5 Sewer Complex - the latest MODULAR DIGITAL BATTLEMAP expansion seeks to take the Meanderverse underground into the slimy and dank passages of a fantasy sewer system complete with dry, flooded twisting turns and cisterns, outflow pipes, rotten wooden planks and bridges, skeletons, rats, with walkways and rooms a-plenty. Adding to the 1800+ Existing Meander Maps in the range - This extension will feature Several Entrances/Exits, Straights, Corners and Crossroads and lots of rooms ready to be customized. Lit from the streetlight above, or the grim shadows illuminated by flickering torchlight below, Spider-Webbed Corridors, Multiple lairs for various beasts, Large Open Spaces and Narrow Confines, Noxious Gases, Great Drops and Ledges, Sections under Construction, Huge Gates to God-Knows-Where and the Underdark, an Underdwellers little City and Black Market - will form a Labyrinthine complex of slime, ick and dark fun.

Kind Regards,

Kris from GameTileWarehouse


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