(SH) Fellowship of the Flute

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You can copy it for Alex or e-mail it to him if you want. I know he doesn't really come around En World. Though he might be upset that his lines like "I was born on a horse" and his gambleing moments where edited out. :D


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Mark said:

...I must know... :D

His elven character was really good with horses and has the mounted combat and ride by attacks feat. However he has no horse due to gambling problems. So, Alex decided his game of choice was the shell game. In the Merchants after they got hired for the job, he tried to get the merchant to gamble. The merchant adamantally refused, but Alex was really persistant. On the road south he tried to get the cleric to play.

At some point, I don't recall exactly when, they were talking about getting a horse for him and he proclaimed something like "I am great on a horse...I was born on a horse" and then there was some comment about his poor mother having to give birth on a horse.

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dhsai527 had quoted the bit between Dell and Aust as in the wrap up thread as:

Aust, "Its the shell game, just tell me where the little red ball is and win some gold."

Dell(me), "Its in your belt pouch."

Aust, "Ummm....best 2 outta 3?"

It is pretty accurate, i think it was marble and not a red ball but otherwise spot on.
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cromagthian, i enjoyed the story, and loved seeing how someone else handled the module (i own it) but you gotta go back and add this priceless stuff to your thread my man :)

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