(SH) Fellowship of the Flute


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Don't forget Feng's awesome 5 shots and 5 kills as well as the most useful +1 singing in the game.

and I thought the sling and the mending was classic between the two characters Serephina and mardnab.

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Story Hour Updated. I will also be leveing up all the PCs (actually all 11 of them since I'm hoping we have additional players). So, if there is any suggestions for your character feel free to make them, you all will be level 3. Everything is core rules only, so the choices are going to be simple. There was some treasure that you all found so I'll be assinging that to different characters.


I'd almost totally forgotten about the bard's inspiring songs and how often that +1 actually helped our party.

As for the five arrow hits resulting in five enemy kills, you must understand that as Mardnab's player I'm not gonna recall much in the way of other people's combat deeds. I'm totally focused on spreading spreading her special brand of gnomish barbaric "love" with a warhammer :p!! I do recall one fumble wherein she smacked the crap out of the ground at the lumbercamp...then several rounds later did 27 points of damage on a vicious critical hit which essentially vaporized the thug hiding the flute. That was pretty cool :cool:.

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