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Shackled City - Ch. 1: Life's Bazaar


Game posting guidelines
- When making attacks, please add the attack roles and the damage rolls for those attacks, I will let you know if you hit or not after.

-Natural 20's on attacks and saves are automatic success, natural 1's on attacks and saves are automatic failures; plus Nat. 1's result in the end of your turn.

-If you roll a critical threat, also roll to confirm. roll normal damage seperate from any critical damage.

So, on a possible Crit., there should be regular attack roll, the confirmation attack role, normal hit damage, and the extra damage from a Crit


Welcome to Cauldron. A city bustling with activity. Some of you were born here, some of you have been here a few days, looking for new possibilities.

As of late, things haven't worked out in the way you all hoped. The city is on edge. Strange abductions over the last few weeks has put the city on edge, the most recent of which were 4 children.

[sblock]For a back little background, it was two years ago that the High Priests died. You have since returned to find Kristof Jurgenson in charge of the Temple, when you left he was still an acolyte.

Since you returned, you have tried to help him keep the Temple running. Just a little bit ago, he tells you that he has recieved a request from the Temple of St. Cuthbert for assitance with their investigation of the child abductions.

When you met with the head of the Temple of St. Cuthbert, Jenya Urikas, she explained to you the details. Four children from the local orphanage disappeared, two boys and two girls. There also seems to be no sign of entry.

She then asks you to meet with another cleric, named Ruphos Laro, at the orphanage, he is speaking with the headmistress of the orphanage. You are currently on your way there. [/sblock]

[sblock]Lately, things have been going too well with trying to find work(in your special field ;). The abductions have made people double their security and made it a lot more difficult to do anything. You are currently on your way home after scoping out a potential target, but it seemed hopeless.[/sblock]

[sblock]After an evening in the tavern, you made a new friend out of a traveling Merc, named
Heimdal Bloodthew. After a little disruption in the tavern, the two of you decide to head to a different one.[/sblock]

Blade of Desecration
[sblock]You have been having a hard time finding any work. This night in one of the taverns, you have made a new friend with a Cleric of Heironious, Friar Blutok. After a little disruption in the bar, the two of you decide to head to a new one, so your fun won't be bothered.[/sblock]

[sblock]You are on your way home from picking up some spell componets you needed for your work.[/sblock]

[sblock]After an evening of listening to rumors and obscure stories in a tavern, most of which could be easily over embelished, you head for your inn.[/sblock]

You are all heading to where ever you were going. The sun has set for the night and a light fog is rising.

Suddenly you all hear scuffles down an alleyway a short distance away, and then a yell of someone being hurt.
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Cries for help? Look's like this Ruphos fellow will have to wait a little while longer.

*Thardin strides down the alleyway, pulling his warhammer from the thong on his belt.*

"Pelor's light will protect you, citizen. What seems to be the trouble?"


First Post
Sym eyes the alley way curiously for a moment then steps in blending with the shadows

[sblock] I move silently (roll = 13 including +5 to skill) down the alley way scuffling along the walls in the shadows not wishing to be caught in the middle of something that may not benefit me with some sort of reward

OCC I want to be constantly using my search skill to maintin full awareness of my environment and constantly be looking for potential marks at the same time :D

PS rolling on nadaka's under GMF-SC Sym[/sblock]


First Post
I see Thardin pull his hammer and head into the alley from which he heard the cry. I look to my new found companion, Heimdal Bloodthew, and say: "It appears someone is in need of aid. Let us follow the servent of Pelor there and see if we can help."
Not waiting to see if Heimdal is following, I head into the alley, drawing my longsword as I stride forward.


First Post
After hearing the sound Ivellios pulls his longbow out and creeps toward the alley's mouth.

[sblock] Total move silently is 21[/sblock]


As you get to the alleyway, you all notice each other. More importantly, you notice that three figures assaulting another person. Two of them are using saps on the poor soul, while the other stands as lookout. One grabs the victim's hood and throws him against the wall as the other growls, "Stay away from the orphange, you got that?" You then hear the lookout say, "We got company."

One of the others says to you, "Bugger off."

You can see that the three have painted their faces, one half white, the other black. The one be attacked wears a Holy symbol of St. Cuthbert.

[sblock]You recognize the face paint as that of the Last Laugh[/sblock]

Roll Initiative


First Post
Adar heres the noise and moves to investigate. Seeing others ahead of him, he hangs back a little to stay out of the way of those wielding arms.

Damn... A servant of St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel. Who ever is assulting such an upsatanding church has questionable motives indeed...

He will stand at the end of the ally and watch for others while seeing if his magical help is needed to support the would be rescue team.

** Ready an action to cast a magic missle at an opponent if they cast a spell **

All right themind, just tell us the initiative order. If none of them beat me, I get to go first.

P.S. Tip to the wise, Improved Initiative is the best feat ever. Never underestimate the value of winning initiative, especially if you are a tank.


[b]Round 1[/b]

X| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6|X
A|  |  |  |  |  |  |A
B|xx|xx|  |  |xx|xx|B
C|xx|xx|  |[color=red]t3[/color]|xx|xx|C
D|xx|xx|  |  |xx|xx|D
E|xx|xx|  |  |xx|xx|E
F|xx|xx|  |[color=red]t1[/color]|xx|xx|F
G|xx|xx|[color=red]t2[/color]| [color=blue]C[/color]|xx|xx|G
H|xx|xx|  |  |xx|xx|H
I|xx|xx|  |  |xx|xx|I
J|xx|xx|  |  |xx|xx|J
K|xx|xx| [color=blue]T[/color]|  |xx|xx|K
L|xx|xx| [color=blue]B[/color]| [color=blue]H[/color]|xx|xx|L
M|xx|xx| [color=blue]S[/color]| [color=blue]I[/color]|xx|xx|M
N|  |  |  | [color=blue]A[/color]|  |  |N
X| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6|X

A-Adar (Nightcloak)
I-Ivellios (Rapida)
S-Sym (Catavarie)
B-Blutok (Blastin)
H-Heimdal (BoD)
T-Thardin (debarcher)[/color]

[b][u]-NAME-        -INIT-    -HP-[/u][/b]
[color=blue]Heimdal(H)      23    [b]13/13[/b]
Sym(S)          21    [b] 7/ 7[/b]
Ivellios(I)     18    [b]10/10[/b][/color]
[color=red]Thugs(t#)       16    [b]??/??[/b][/color]
[color=blue]Cleric(C)       13    [b]??/??[/b]
Blutok(B)        3    [b] 9/ 9[/b]
Thardin(T)       1    [b]12/12[/b]
Adar(A)         ??    [b] 5/ 5[/b][/color]

Alright, since Nightcloak's char can't get higher initiative than me, I go first.

Heimdal, growls at the thugs, and quickly sizes them up. He charges the one closest to him, swinging his massive sword in a tight arc at the man's head.

Charge adds +2 to attack, so... crap, natural 1.

Heimdal slips on a patch of slime in mid charge, his attack going completely wild as he reaches his target.

Well, that sucked.


First Post
Sym eyes the strangers in the alleyway that stand amongst him and the thugs and ponders what would be benefical to him

Sym holds his short sword in a defensive manner in case anyone deides he is of a threat to them and waits.

I prepare a ready an action of a parry at anyone who attacks me.

[sblock]Rolled 12 unmodified...can't remember what gets added on atm [/sblock]

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