Shackled City Epic: "Vengeance" (story concluded)

Who is your favorite character in "The Shackled City"?

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  • Mole

    Votes: 17 18.7%
  • Arun

    Votes: 31 34.1%
  • Dannel

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CrusadeDave said:
I'd love to see what you'd come up with if YOU wrote an adventure path module to get players from 1-22. You have an excellent gage of challenge, and I think you dragged every bit of adventure that could be had out of this module. I'd love to see what tools you could build with your sense of timing with the cliffhanger.

Well, in a sense, I did; I called it Travels through the Wild West. Although I did use a lot of "stock" content (The Isle of Dread, Undermountain, etc.).

And thanks for the praise! Sixteen hundred posts, unbelievable. :D

I have started writing a new story. It's a homebrew, and while it's "D&D based", I'm making an effort to keep all the system stuff generic and in the background (in other words, no WotC IP). For the moment, I'm calling it "Shades of Gray". I am writing just to write, and while I have plot notes and characters sketched out, I'm mostly just looking to see where it goes (a lot like how Travels started out).

I've only got 6 chapters done, but you may see it on the boards in the near future. I haven't hit the "zone" where I start pounding out a few thousand words a day, but it took a while with the other two stories, so I am continuing to poke away at it for now.

I also recently bought the Eberron campaign setting, and although I've only leafed through it, a few ideas have been percolating. Who knows...

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First Post
And one

And so it is...

I just caught up to find the highway done.

Mighty Fine LB - this has been my bedtime read for sometime now - top action, fast paced - and warming characters.

Top novel material man. Nice end..all gosebumpily.

One constructive criticism - I remember at the start we saw character clashes and flashes - however this was pretty much left behind in the fray once characters were 'established'.

Top work LB, I thank you, this is the internet is all about. hugely enjoyable - I compare it to
being a soap addict!

Richard Rawen

First Post
must be that time

time to get back on the front page, where folks can see you, where folks can begin the best story on the boards, take your time folks, it's worth it.


Thanks for the bump, Richard! This should put the story over 78,000 views... what a ride indeed! I appreciate the support of the ENWorld community in putting this tale together, and hope people will continue to enjoy it.

Remember that there's a free PDF compilation of the story available on my Web site (linked in my sig); I've had a lot of downloads so far. And I've started a new story set in the infamous Rappan Athuk that should be on the front page of the SH forum. I think you'll find that what I do to my characters there will make the treatment of the Heroes of Cauldron look like a pillow fight. ;)

Ed Gentry

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I just finished this amazing tale. Well done, LB. This is really something else. To track characters over such incredible distances (physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, etc.) is really an amazing undertaking. Your wordcount productivity is intimidating and impressive.

I now intend to go back and read the original adventures of Lok, Benzan, et al.

Thanks for sharing your hard work with us all, LB.

Wasteland Knight

The Doomed Bastards is excellent! I’m well into that story hour at this point. Arcane casters don’t seem to fare well in your stories :)

I’m probably my going to buy a .pdf of Rappan Athuk as a read along. I dug out my old copies of Dungeon magazine to read the Shackled City AP alongside this Story Hour, and I enjoyed seeing how parts of the as written adventure were the same and how they were different from the Story Hour.

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