Level Up (A5E) shadow assassin question


shadow assassin says:
While you are hidden from a target and are in an area of darkness or dim light, you may apply your Sneak Attack damage to an eldritch blast.

extra blast says:
Beginning at 5th level, your Eldritch Blast becomes more vicious. When you use Eldritch Ray, Eldritch Scythe, or Eldritch Whip as part of your action on your turn, as long as you make no weapon attacks you can attack twice instead of once.

sneak attack says:
Once per turn, you can deal extra weapon damage when you hit a creature with a finesse weapon or ranged weapon attack.

shadow assassin reads like it's not a sneak attack, per-se, rather it's an ability that adds your sneak attack damage die to your blasts under those conditions, much like an adept can sometimes add her martial arts die to other rolls (subtly skilled for example). so what's the feeling on adding it to a second blast in the same round? I'm unsure...

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I would assume, per RAW, kinda the same, except hit or miss becomes failed or passed save? it can't be just applied regardless I wouldn't think...


Eldritch Disturbance is an Eldritch Blast, so Shadow Assassin allows you to add your Sneak Attack to it "While you are hidden from a target and are in an area of darkness or dim light" (your normal Sneak Attack triggers wouldn't apply to the Blast)

Instead of 1d10 (or more if Warlock is level 5 or higher) you use 1d10+Sneak Attack Damage. (Wisdom Save halves).

Two reminders:
Even with Extra Blasts, Sneak Attack can only be used once per turn.
And RAW a Marshall can't use his Commanding Presence to let you use an Eldritch Blast (as it - usually - isn't a weapon or a cantrip)


Since it it use the verbage, "your sneak attack" instead of just "a sneak attack die" or "damage equivalent to your sneak attack bonus" id say it is sneak attack and therefore is beholden to the restrictions.

Is this really so strong that we need to wait till lvl 12 to get it. I always felt like this should be the second in the synergy feat chain. Has any one played the shadow dancer build? Do you think its that strong?

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