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Shadowcaster fixes by Mouseferatu

If a creature can see through magical darkness, and if the curtain is within the range at which they can do so, then yes, they'd be able to see through it.

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Thread NEcromancy should be a magic type

Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I'm building a shadowcaster and I had a question regarding the level 20 caster mentioned above.

On the Metashadow Feats Sidebar in ToM, it states that all Metashadow Feats function Identically to Metamagic feats in all ways not specifically contradicted. Now, wouldn't that mean that, for example, Quicken Mystery would treat a mystery like Shadows Fade (a 4th level mystery) as an 8th level mystery, due to the fact that quicken spell requires a slot 4 levels higher?

Nope. If the feats changed the level of the mystery, it would say so. They're limited instead by the X number of times/day restriction, instead.

Infernal Teddy said:
and what I asked about in you blog Ari :)


Did you? I'm afraid I never got an e-mail notification about the comment (or at least I don't remember seeing it). LiveJournal has been a bit funky lately about sending those out.

Sorry. :heh:


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I might be mistaken, but I think the shadowcaster was also a half-dragon swarm.
With a few levels of bard to top it off.
That's the way I'd play it, anyway.


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How do these guys play at low levels? On paper, they look like shadow magic itself, 20% chance of survival, 80% chance of ending up as lunchmeat.

Infernal Teddy

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Mouseferatu said:

Did you? I'm afraid I never got an e-mail notification about the comment (or at least I don't remember seeing it). LiveJournal has been a bit funky lately about sending those out.

Sorry. :heh:

:) You answered - I use the name "allamistako" on LJ...


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I still feel there is a glitch in your updated version, Mouseferatu. Is the following intentional?

You state that apprentice level mysteries that become supernatural abilities gain the supernatural ability DC progression. You make no mention of Initiate level mysteries which become supernatural abilities due to Favored Mystery feats.

Did you have some specific reason for leaving these out, or was it an oversight? Allowing Initiate (or even Master) level mysteries to become supernatural and gain the supernatural DC progression lets a player spend a feat to keep a relatively low level mystery still relevant at high levels (say, Shadow Sight). Personally, I would allow this feat to be used in this manner. There's some overlap with Path Focus (both feats would increase spell dc), but they function in a different enough manner that I think they could both remain useful.

Purely an oversight. An Initiate-level feat that becomes a supernatural ability due to the Favored Mystery feat would function just like any other supernatural-mystery, and would use the appropriate progression.


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I'm playing a game with a friend, and he is playing a Spellthief (CA) while I'm playing a Shadowcaster (ToM.) According to the rules a Spellthief can steal a spell or spell-like ability from a spell caster or other source by doing 1d6 less sneak attack damage as a supernatural ability. Now Shadowcasters don't cast spells, but their spells do become spell-like abilities. We were wondering what your take on this is. Could a Spellthief steal mysteries cast as spells? Or can they only do it when it is a spell-like ability? And if he can steal spell-like abilities does my Shadowcaster lose one use of it?
Thanks in advance,
The Random NPC


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sorry to post on a thread so old. but i'm still confused about something.

as i understand it, shadowcasters gain uses per day per mystery. thus each mystery they know can be used X number of times.

how does the bonus uses from heigh int (or Charisma) effect this? do you get one additional use of ANY 1st level mystery you posess? or do you have to assign the use to a specific mystery.

also when building my character having to tretch it over 2 stats really hurts, especially if you're using point-by. i know it's your baby and your concept, but i'd really just swap it to Charisma only (like most I embody this kind of magic classes) your average shadowcaster will probably have a heigh int anyway due to the need for skill points, and massive use of knowledge plains and arcana.

you could even limit the number of bonus feats they can get from spell selections to that of your int modifier. it's just normally on a spellcaster you need a good dex and con in addition to whatever spell-casting stat. it's expected that by level 20 you'll have one that that stand head over heals above the rest. and only one. therefor this caster will never be as powerful as a caster that doesn't have to so split it's resources.

i'm sure you've though this all though but i really love the idea of this class. the flavor is wonderful. i've been fighting with the other players saying yes it's good enough yes i'll survive if i play it... and then dying repeatedly.

but really, the main reason for this post, is how does that bonus work, cause repeated death's aside, that's really the only thing stopping me from playing one at this point
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If Ari has more to say, that'd be cool, but as a quick answer to the bonus mysteries:
Mouseferatu said:
Yep. It "floats," in that you need not choose in advance which mystery you're going to use it for.
From post 86 of this thread.

So, if you get a bonus 1st level mystery, you can cast them all X times per day, and then when you need it, you can cast one of them (any one) an extra time. If you have two bonus mysteries, then you can cast one of them X+2 times, or two of them X+1 times, etc.

Right now my wife is playing a shadowcaster and really loves the character. One conceptual shift that helped make the character more effective was to move away from trying to deal out damage and kill enemies, but instead trying to cripple them. Between nonlethal damage and various effects (I forget which ones exactly, but stuff like sickening, slowing, lowering AC, etc.), her character is very effective in weakening bad guys significantly which is a nice change. Even the most powerful fighter usually doesn't have any effect on a bad guy until those hit points reach 0.

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