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Just got done listening to a podcast where they speculate Kelsey is being propped up by WotC in order to invade and disrupt the OSR...
Yes, the dangerous OSR, which cumulatively makes up, what, 5% of WotC's sales of the PHB each year?

If WotC had a dirty tricks brigade 1) it'd blow up in their face almost instantly and 2) they'd be going after Free League, Chaosium, Bad Hat, Renegade, Mongoose, Kobold Press and Paizo years before they'd care about the OSR.
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That’s madness. Reminds me of a friend and former coworker who thinks everything is a conspiracy by the two main US political parties. I don’t know how people can live like that, seeing the worst in everything, and assuming the worst of everyone.
Depending on what they are listening to, it might all be a conspiracy by just one party ;)

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