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Shadows of Esteren: I'm highly interested in this!


Does anyone have any more background info into this game? I am super interested and would like to know what kind of system it uses etc...

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Does anyone have any more background info into this game? I am super interested and would like to know what kind of system it uses etc...

I'd advice you to visit DrivethruRPG and download Book 0: Shadows of Esteren. Because of the Kickstarter it is free right now.

Sorry, I am not yet allowed to post links ;)

It's a fun world and the books are amazing.
The ruleset is it's own. You have five stats ranging from 1-5 and an assortment of skills that also range from 1-5 with specialities that go higher. You roll a d10 and add stat + skill. It's similar to a d20 system with a d10 instead, or WoD without dice pools.

There are other small details like how strong stats (5s) can impart negatives just as much as low stats (1s). Someone who has high Combativeness might be edgy and paranoid.

There are no classes. You gain special abilities via skills and specializations.

Hi. It's definitely worth getting Book 0: Prologue for Shadows of Esteren from drivethru as it gives you loads of introductory info about characters and the game world. And, brilliantly, it's free.

SoE itself is a stunning game with loads going for it. The art direction and writing is top notch for a start. Then there's the game world with its three distinct sociopolitical factions, none of which has any particular monopoly on virtue but all of which offer really interesting powers and roleplaying opportunities. Players can choose to align themselves with one of them, or not. There's also no reason why a group might not include a member of each of these factions – Magientist, Adept of the One God and Demorthen. It's up to the players and the GM to decide how and why.

The combat system is brutal and really makes you think twice about resorting to violence, but is really simple and effective mechanically if you do. You'll need to either run or fight if you come up against Feondas, the game's signature monsters, which are nasty, nightmarish creatures, befitting a game system that tracks your sanity as well as your physical health.

In terms of character creation there are professions which give background skills but the ability to customise a character is very open. Have a look at the Varigal. It's the game's take on the ranger. Having one in a party is a very good thing, seeing as many parts of the world are harsh and unforgiving.

I could go on at length but the best thing to do is read the free Book 0. Then if you like it jump quickly on the Esteren Kickstarter that's happening right now, where you can pick up lots of the books and other amazing goodies for a lot less money than you'll pay otherwise.

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