D&D 5E Shadowscale (Dragonborn Rogue Archtype)


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This is my first pass at a Dragonborn specific Rogue Archtype, loosely based on the Shadow Dragon template.

Shadowscale (Dragonborn Rogue Archtype)

The Shadowscales are an organization of Dragonborn Rogues that have learned to embrace the Shadowfell and combine the abilities of a Shadow Dragon with their natural Dragonborn abilities and Rogue training. Legend has it that the Grandmaster of the Shadowscales is in fact a Shadow Dragon who learned to take the form of a dragonborn.

Race Requirement: This archetype is only available to dragonborn, half dragons, and other dragon-blooded creatures with a breath weapon. (Sorry kobolds.)

3) One with Shadows: While in dim light or darkness you can take the Hide action as a bonus action, even while being observed. Additionally, you gain Darkvision 60’ and Expertise in Stealth or Perception.

3) Breath of Shadows: You may expend your breath weapon to create a 20’ radius area of dim light and dancing shadows centered on yourself. This shadowy area lasts for 10 minutes unless you spend an action to dismiss it. (You must be within the area of shadows to dismiss it, as you inhale it back into your lungs.)

Creating the area of shadowy light is very quiet, causing no more noise than a slow exhalation of air. Blindsight based on scent is also suppressed within the area covered by the Breath of Shadows (all they can smell is dragon breath…) The Breath of Shadows does no damage and does not move once created. A Daylight spell will cancel out this area of dim light, returning the area to its normal illumination.

9th) Shadowscales: your scales become varying shades of grey and black and your connection to your dragon ancestors is enhanced. Gain Blindsight 30’. Gain resistance to necrotic damage. Your breath weapon now does Necrotic damage instead of its original damage.

13th) Master of Shadows: If a humanoid reduced to 0 HP by the necrotic damage from your breath weapon dies, an undead shadow rises from its corpse and acts immediately after you in the initiative count. The shadow is under your control, but dissipates on the next dawn.

17th) Mantle of the Shadow Dragon: while in dim light or darkness you can use a bonus action to manifest dragon wings of shadow that grant a flight speed of 60’. These wings last until you are no longer in dim light or darkness, at which time they dissipate into nothingness. Additionally, while in dim light or darkness, you have resistance to damage that isn’t force, psychic, or radiant.
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Hawk Diesel

Hmm...Good point. You think Blindsight 10' would be more appropriate? The only reason I'm going with blindsight is that dragons all have blindsight due to their keen senses.

Rogues already get a kind of blindsight at level 14. Maybe just adjust where you put it?


Rules Monkey
Maybe I will have it upgrade the Rogue Blindsense at lvl 14 to Blindsight. It's outside the normal levels at which path abilities are gained, but it's a upgrade to an existing ability. I'll have to think about it.

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