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Shards: Worldbuilding Zine - Volume 2


Zine Quest is bring out a lot of projects, but there is one that is clearly superior to all others... well, okay, it's superior for me because I'm writing it.

Shards: Worldbuilding Zine

We're making a series of six releases over the next year, with sections on how to build your own worlds alongside snippets designed to be flexible enough to fit in the worlds that you build.
Each issue contains:

  • Three Setting Shards: pieces of setting that can easily slip into whatever world you're using (including notes on how to do so for specific settings or how to adapt to other genres where relevant).
  • One of these will lean towards fantasy, a second toward science fiction, while the third picks a different realm of worldbuilding (such as Urban Horror, Cyberpunk or Post-Apocalypse); but where possible we'll include tips on how to swap elements into other genres.
  • An article of worldbuilding tips and tricks - past examples have ranged from studying FTL to exploring your worlds nursery rhymes
  • The Magpie's Nest, talking about how to steal concepts from reality and/or mythology and repurpose them for your own world.
  • A segment where our resident Agony Aunt - the Letter Lich - answers some more specific problems through the medium of worldbuilding. [Possibly including yours, if you send them to us!] - She's full of good advice - especially if your problems are caused by a shortage of undead

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