D&D 5E Shattered Obelisk in Eberron


Hey all,

I love the idea of running a "wild west" style game in Eberron's Q'barra region (see here), but I am no good at making up my own adventures. To avoid having to make up a town from scratch, I could adapt either Red Larch (Princes of the Apocalypse) or Phandalin (Lost Mines / Shattered Obelisk) as both are mining towns, and it would be easy to slot in dragonshards as the material being mined.

That being said, it might be even easier if I adapt one of those adventures whole sale. Lost Mines and/or Shattered Obelisk would probably be the easier one, because the elemental planes and elemental evil princes don't map 1:1 to Eberron's cosmology. I say "and/or" above because my players have all played Lost Mines before and I'm not sure that converting it to Eberron would make it different enough to warrant having them play through it again. They're also pretty sick of starting at 1st level, so they might prefer to skip ahead and start at 5th level and just do the new Shattered Obelisk content.

The eponymous obelisk could be tied to the daelkyr somehow. Mind flayers are most associated with Dyrrn the Corruptor. Perhaps rebuilding the shattered obelisk would (re)create a gate to Dyrrn's prison realm. Perhaps the godlet could be some kind of new brain monster that Dyrrn has sculpted and wishes to unleash upon Khorvaire.

I could replace the Sawplee psionic goblins with dolgrims (and dolgaunts).

Anyone got any other ideas?

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