She Loves Me (Maybe)


A couple of weeks ago we bought some Nolzurs Pigments minis and my wife wanted me to paint them for her.

She has an aasimar Druid but the mini is an Aasimar Paladin. My results work in progress.




A few things.

1. I'm using water based paints which I'm not used to. I used to use enamel based paints on WW2 models

2. The paints I'm using are 15+ years old needed to add water. They are from the old Middle Earth games from the early 2000's.

3. IDK how to paint minis that well.

4. IDK how to paint an Aasimar.

5. I don't have very good brushes.

In my mind's eye I wanted a blue white dark edge on the wings fading to almost white.

Another idea was a golden yellow and orange type colour but didn't really know the right ratios of mixing paint. I tried mixing purple but it ended badly.

Any advice on painting/detailing or mixing colours.

Miss America wasn't aiming for red, white and blue.


I used to brush a lighter color on the raised parts of clothing to make it a bit shadowy. Also a watered down darker color will pool in the crevasses to make shadows as well. I also like to spray them with a gloss coating to hide the mistakes. There are a ton of videos much better than I on this though.


Check out a site called Coolminiornot. They have a ton of great tutorials. Plus probably the best painted mini gallery on the web.

With water based paints you probably want to start with good dry brush technique. That, plus some careful color blocking and some edge lining will get you a good initial result. Then you can push on and explore the glories of ink washes, blending and glazing. If you want a decent result with minimal effort, also look into a technique called dunking.