Shemeska's Planescape Storyhour (Updated 29 Jan 2014)


This Story is great, I am still reading it and have not yet finished, but it is very Interesting and very well written.

But thats naturally Obvious as it incorporates Yugoloths and we are naturally the best and most Interesting of all species, even if the other fools have not realised it yet *nods* and you can be assured that I will read the whole story I have time for it. :)

Malshana archana Thauwiz, Arcanaloth Sorcererss and Royal thorn in the side of ther group (especially our blackguard who even after 8 years still believes I am his girl, stupid fool...albeit he is a nice tool.)

((sorry for my definetly not flawless english *g*))

I'm happy that you've enjoyed it! :)

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