Ship Maintenance and Repair in Coriolis


I am currently trying to make cheat sheets for various procedures in Coriolis to easily look up during play and to show to players who are trying to understand why certain rolls are called for in what situations. And I am running into some problems with the rules for ship maintenance and repair, which I feel have not really been completely worked out and tested by the writers.

The rules for maintenance say that a ship needs to be serviced at intervals determined at the GM's discretion. If no service is done, or the character doing the service fails the Technology check, the ship suffers a penalty in one randomly determined system. If that random system is already penalized because of a previously failed service, the system breaks down completely and needs to be repaired.

First question is, how do you get rid of the failed maintenance penalty? Does it go away automatically at the next successful service? Does a character have to make a repair on the system?

Now a very important universal rule is that no roll can be repeated unless the circumstances have significantly changed. What if a system breaks down and the engineer fails the repair check? In case of a broken module, my interpretation is that the module is broken beyond repair and has to be torn out and replaced. Weapon systems are just regular modules, replacing them is easy. But the reactor and graviton projector are integrated modules with no individual purchase price, and sensors and thrusters aren't modules at all.

What do I do when the thrusters break and I fail the check to repair them? The rules don't seem to have been finished in this regard. Any suggestion how it coulf be handled?

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aramis erak

Given the cost in spares, I'd allow retries... by others, not by the same persons - each costing a spare, succeed of fail...
Note that p. 172 says failure has no additional effect; failure rendering it unfixable by others would be an additional effect.

Note also - failed PP is often pretty close to guaranteed fatal.

As for eliminating the penalty? A successful repair for each penalty, based upon p. 172 & 155.


Okay. That's called reactor in the game.
Reactor detonations are a result of critical hits. Maintenance failure results in "disabled until repaired". (It says the ship is disabled, but it makes no sense for a broken weapon to shut down the whole ship. Probably should say "the module is disabeled until repaired".) The effects of no power are described under Reactor Shutdown on p163.

Restoring a module with a -1 penalty to working order with a repair check makes sense. Doesn't say that anywhere, but it seems the most practical application of existing rules.


If you are cool with just having the PC crew die in space because of a failed maintenance check, then I guess that is just what you do.

In my Traveller games, I have the crew able to get anything working good enough to limp them into a port. They have to navigate getting the item fixed or repaired from there. Usually makes an adventure out of it.

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