D&D 5E Should I triple class my Rogue/Fey Wanderer?


I am currently playing a Goblin Rogue Level 1/Fey Wanderer Ranger level 7. S8/D16/C12/I10/W16/CH14

I love this character, she is awesome with +8 in all the charisma skills, +9 perception and stealth and +5 athletics (next level those all increase). She took shadow touched and cause fear at 4th level and her fighting style is druidic warrior with guidance and magic stone.

She does a decent damage but she is more of a hit and run tricksy striker as opposed to a toe-to-toe melee character. She is currently wearing a breastplate for AC16 and has no magic items other than potions of healing.

The problem I am facing is the party at this point is my character, a divine soul sorcerer, an enchantment wizard and 2 single class Rogues. So we have no good tank or blocking character and my character, the wizard and one of the Rogues (a melee swashbuckler) typically get pounded in most combats. To make matters worse we are hauling and dragging around loot including 3 suits of magical heavy armor a magical greatsword that no one can use.

I am going to take 8th level in ranger, for a feat I am leaning towards magic initiate (sorcerer) to pick up shield, booming blade and green flame blade. In tier 3 the blade cantrips are about equal in damage to extra attack and with nimble escape I can booming blade and back off and then the damage is more if they move. Having a shield spell would help a lot I think with the main problem of getting hit too much. Another option is medium armor master which would be a permanent +2 AC boost without hurting stealth.

At that point I am not sure if I want to stay Ranger or take a full caster (Valor Bard/Clockwork Sorcerer/Death Cleric) to get more spells slots to enable more defense/survivability.

On the other hand if I stay Ranger at level 11 Ranger I would get fey reinforcements and because I don't need to concentrate on them I could summon up to 4 of in a battle, with each of them charming an enemy every turn and me doing beguiling twist once a turn if one of them save. That is a lot of beef to put on the battlefield but 3 more levels after I make 8th seems like a long time to go without having better defensive spells.

Thoughts, advice on feats and multiclass options?
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My impulse is to say "do it" to basically any multiclass, and a Fey Wanderer/Charisma Caster multiclass has been high on my list of things to try next time I have really good stats to play with.

My main thought would just be that, should you go Bard, Valor Bard is the last Bard I would choose for a Fey Wanderer multiclass, because a lot of what it gets at level 3 is the weapon and armor proficiencies you already have. I guess if you are really concerned about the AC of your team Combat Inspiration is the best variant of bardic inspiration, but with Charisma 14 you'd only be giving out 2 one-use d6s of extra AC a day until Bard level 5. You could achieve nearly the same effect by being a Lore Bard and using your cutting words on debuffing attacks, and then you'd also get 3 more skill proficiencies and the possibility of Magical Secrets if you somehow got a full 6 levels.

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