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Show us your favourite character sheet

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I don't have a picture now, but I can get one. The character sheet in the upcoming game The Troubleshooters is a passport. (yes, they also have an "emergency passport" which is a doublesided A4, if one prefers a more normal sheet. ) There is a bit of an example on the facebook-page for the game: Thetroubleshootersrpg.

Li Shenron

Uhm... the one I made myself? :D

It doesn't look any special, it's derived from the official ones, but it has stuff rearranged by my own logic.


Guide of Modos
@Morrus gets my award for Best Elegance so far with Simply6, and @Tun Kai Poh gets my award for the Delta Green sheet in the category of "Most Likely to Also be Used in-Game."

Ultimately, the Numenera sheet (and this thread) has me wondering how I can make my character sheet more of a creativity tool. Because a list of character elements is great, but isn't it a sort of mental stumbling block to go from in-game, imaginative thinking to real-world processing of a piece of paper that might resemble the homework you probably hated back in high school?
Here's the offender in question: CharacterSheet | Modos RPG | Obsidian Portal


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I am not familiar with the game but graphically it certainly looks great! It has a certain evocative style without getting in the way of usability.
Yep! It's a really fun game, also. Everything in the game helps evoke the world while also promoting a fun game that's easy to learn and satisfying to master.

I gotta say i really love the numinera sheet. But although i like numinera i definitely like d&d more. I wish the d&d character sheets could be like the numinera ones. I dont think it would be a difficult shift.


@Morrus I like these - the application form more than the schoolbook (my schoolbooks were never that well organised) so it does not evoke the same feeling as one of a myriad of application forms I had to fill out for future tenants when I worked the front desk at a real estate agents way back when I was very young.


Guide of Modos
I am rather fond of the sheets I whipped up for a Savage Worlds conversion of the Pathfinder Adventure Path Strange Aeons.
Thanks for this - I'm off to figure out how folding a character sheet can make it more inspirational.

I can see it now - for a mad scientist game, you write your stats all over both sides of the sheet. Then you ball it up, and have to access your sheet like it's a cell nucleus. You get to "unravel" it once per scene to access the outermost elements...

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