Siberys Seven: Heroes of Eberron

This will be my second Eberron (1) Storyhour. This one is similiar to my Darksun storyhour. I have created and will run these characters. Events told here may influence my Creation Schema storyhour even as that storyhour had direct ties to this storyhour.

I hope you enjoy it.

As a readers Aid for folks unfamiliar with Eberron or curious about my NPCs and additions I have started a Glossary. Glossary includes the numbered blue persons, places, things and others. See the link within my Storyhour area of "Stuff of Interest".

Hope you enjoy it.
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“It Began Within a Tavern “

It began one rainy night in Sharn. It was a cold rain. The kind of rain that chilled one to the bone. It was the 23rd of Olarune in 999. To the far north, supernatural blizzards buried entire villages within the mountains of Khorvaire. Sharn, a Breland massive city, was located in the south. The storms lost their snow but instead rained a cold rain.

It was a sign of things to come.

But this could not keep the area known as Center Bridge (2) quiet. The adventurers came here to get out of the cold and dampness. They came to drink, party and in general unwind. This is where this story begins. Center Bridge- at a tavern known as The Adventurers Home. (3)
It was only first bell and it was already out of hand. Two fights had broken out. One over a girl and another settled by the same girl. Her name is Leeya (4). It began where two men were fighting to court her. When it became a fight, a warrior wearing strange armor broke up the fight. He was no paladin. He punched when men were down and more than once struck below the belt. However it was obvious he was noble and a good man. His name- Vander (5).

In another corner of The Adventurers Home was a tall woman whom had yet to lose an arm wrestling match. She even beat a pure blood orc whom was visiting from the Shadow Marches. Her name is Bora (6) . A charismatic young man lost interest watching her when a woman began to whisper in his ear. His smile suggested a night of wild entertainment and fun. His name is Mania (7) . A female dwarf stepped up see the entertainment. She was armored and worn a holy symbol on her shoulder. She had a few too many drinks herself. Her name is Dura (8).

Ignored by everyone was a warforged warrior. He stood in the back corner observing and trying to understand the strange behavior before it. He watched the woman and the man in black armor wander to the back after she whispered something in his ear. Another man also whispered something to a woman whom then slapped him. When he protested she beat him bloody. Humans are so strange. No wonder the Lord of Blades (9) wants them removed from power. No wonder he was trying to create the new warforged warriors. A new generation with special powers and abilities like him. His name is Incarnum (10) .

All of this and more were happening at once when the paladin arrived. She had never been here before and wished to stop. She herself was an adventurer and this place was one for adventurers. She stopped in amazement at the doorway. Her name is Aura (11) .

These seven diverse people were soon to gather and become a force of good. They were to become known as The Siberys Seven. Currently they were either drunk and disorderly or bewildered at the sight of drunken and disorderly adventurers.

Meanwhile, outside, green vapors (12) had been rising from the sewers for several hours now. A few reports came in to the local law enforcement group whom did go below to investigate. That was over 6 hours ago. A lot can happen in six hours.

It began with a scream.

From below walked several homeless shrouded in green vapors. As the vapors cleared and escaped into the night air it became questionable whom or what these homeless were. They were all pale with lose skin. The eyes were yellow or red. Their hair became more patchy, their fingernails chipped into claws. And they hungered.

The living dead were lose within Sharn!

But as this unfolded outside, within the Adventurers Home more events was occuring. A drunkard was about to make an important discovery. There was much more to this paladin than holy oaths and sworn duties to law and the goodness of the world. This paladin was far more than that.

The drunkard had a drinking contest with a young man (13)wearing leather armor. He was a big and mean man whom once drank a small keg of dwarven ale by himself. He figured this mere strap of a boy had to be kidding when he suggested a drinking game. Loser buys. The boy seemed like he was losing but never did. When he first blacked out, he could have sworn the boy acted like he had nothing alcoholic to drink the whole night. When he confronted the boy about it he expected the boy to admit to magic. Instead the boy said something and he found himself outside in the cold rain.

The cold wet of the rain snapped him out of it and he went back inside to start a fight with the boy. However, a tall armored paladin type was standing at the doorway blocking any further entrance.

“Howsa ‘bout you move yo butt” mumbles the very drunk bully.

The paladin slowly turns. The armor is golden with a bright blue cloth tunic. Green eyes look through a narrow slit in the golden helm. Through bloodshot eyes, the man stares and ponders what he thinks he sees. “Your skin green? …and all glowy…?”

“Excuse sir. It appears I am lost. May I ask …by the powers of The Sovereign Host!” and she pulls out her sword and pulls her shield from her back. “To my back and to safety.”

The man slowly turns in a stumbled stupor semi circle…”huh?” Dozens of partygoers climb up the stairs. They are knocking over potted plants and statues as they go. Some are armed.

They stop and turn and look at the paladin. Suddenly, in unison, they converge on the paladin and The Adventurers Home.
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“Undead Horde Invades Sharn”

“Get up Billy!” shouts a drunken adventurer whom a mere moment ago was dancing on a table. Billy, the drunk whom was amazed by the Paladin found himself knocked down to the floor as the undead pushed and plowed over himself and the Paladin.

The arm of one undead becomes detached as the Paladin tries to hold the doorway. Billy looks at the arm and more specially the ring on the finger. He then looks up to the zombie whom has forgotten about his lost arm. “Hubard- That you?” he says while trying to focus his confusion.

One zombie breaks through the window. He is wearing a city patrol outfit. Another looks like a homeless person whom used to beg near the Statue of The Gladiator (14) . The more he looked, the more he thought he knew these undead creatures.

In the back, the commotion at the front door was just reaching the partygoers there. Bora stands up to see what is happening. All seven foot of her. “Who else challenges me?” The dwarf beside her looks over. “Undead! Scores!” She quickly reaches for her holy symbol and her hammer. A smile clearly visible on her face. A smile matched only by the large barbarian.

The heavy armored warrior pulls forth a falchion and declares everyone MUST leave. Most ignore him. A few turn while dancing or talking to stare at him in annoyance. “Are you deaf?!? Undead attack!” Suddenly everyone gets up screaming and scrambling. “Smooth move Paladin.” Says the female mage known as Leeya.

The statue like warforged continues to study the situation. It sees happy drunken humans. It sees scared fleeing humans. It sees a few humans that look clear headed and alert. Those humans he understands more.

Partygoers splinter the backdoor as they spill out. Green mists swirl around them that escapes from an underground vent. At the front door the Paladin has reestablished her footing and holds off the undead zombies. She has made several conclusions about the city and its people. Few are good.

Upstairs, in a private room, a young pale man is being entertained by a girl dancing drunkenly for him. “Party is extra loud tonight. It looks to be a great night”

“We need to take this fight outside!” yells the mage to the dwarf and the barbarian. They nod in agreement and begin to push forward.

Outside- dozens of undead wander the streets. All shrouded in an eerie green fog. Looking further away, the sewer exits continue to spill out green mist and the sounds of screams and fighting can be heard below.
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“The Seven”

The brisk night air startles Karen as she finds herself dancing half-naked in a private room. The curtains reach into the room from the open window. She vaguely remembers a cute young man at the club. How she got here and why she is dancing is unclear to her. Her confusion is furthered as the sounds of screams from outside pierce the darkness. She looks out and sees several adventurer types forming a circle with their backs to each other.

The adventurers include a tall and very strong female warrior, a dwarven cleric, a tall slender paladin and a warforged. In the center is a female she remembers from the club. She appears to be casting a spell. Nearby is another heavily armored warrior working his way to the group. And still another person stands out. The young man she saw earlier. He is sitting on the ledge of the building. He seems completely at home there. Attacking these people are dozens of people. Their skin looks pale and diseased. Undead!
She closes the window and dresses in a hurry.

“So- Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Five adventurers enter a tavern….” Begins the tall barbarian.

“Hah! I think I am beginning to like you Bora. If we survive this- we should hang out more often.” Shouts the cleric as she strikes down a zombie with her hammer.

“Are you mad? These are undead looking to overrun your city! Yet you joke like it is an everyday thing!” comments the paladin. Her eyes glow green from her excitement.

A green bead springs from the mages hand and centers on a group of undead. It bursts and rains web lines that trap and hinder the undead. “Give me time for one more important spell.” Calls out Leeya as she reaches into her component pouch. “We need help and we need to alert the authorities of this.”

A body sails over the five combatants. “Tell that to him!” shouts Bora with a smile. “He fights harder than most of my clan. Who is he?”

“Don’t know. I’ve never seen him before. He uses powers unlike any I have seen before.” Says Dura wishing she had more power to push these undead away.

A soft wind lingers around the mage then departs. “How are the others? How are the normal people of Sharn?” asks the mage after finishing her spell.

“Scattered the cowards!” answers Bora with great humor. “More for the warrior and myself.”

The warrior backs into their circle. “It appears this is the best place to do battle. I am known as Vander.”

“My name will have to do. I am Bora. You fight well warrior.”

“Hummph. You hold your own also. Do any of you…,” Vander pauses as he dispatches an undead, “…have any idea what is happening?”

“No. I fear no one knows.”

“The Mist is Green.” States more than implies the warforged.

“Our forged friend is correct. The mists came when they came. They have to be connected.”

Suddenly several beams of energy swing out and strike Vander whom grunts but stands still waiting for the next attack.


From above, the young man sitting on the building’s edge can see a zombie-like figure 15 walk out from an exit. It is holding a wand that still glows. The crazy part- he knows the man!
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“The Undead Mage”

From his spot above the others Mania, the young rogue, looks at the ongoing battle. A mage he knows often goes below ground into the city’s sewers has entered the battle by zapping the heavily armored warrior. Now entering directly below him are undead city guards! 16 What is going on here?

The undead mage begins with his magic missiles again but directs them at the group’s mage. Aura and Dura beat and cut aside more undead. Some of these undead are strangely dressed since they are wearing clean clothes of commoners. Not all of the undead are disgusting sewer homeless creatures. Leeya, the group’s mage is struck down by the undead. Even Vander takes another hit from one. He and Bora spot where the magical attack came. They call it out as they fend off more attacks. The warforged known as Incarnum uses his twin retractable short swords to destroy two more zombies. But they keep coming!

“That settles it. I’m in.” calls out the rogue as he sees the beautiful mage dropped by the magical attacks and slamming damage of the undead horde. He drops directly behind the four guards and attacks them. Dura strikes at another undead while trying to reach the mage. Three beams of force energy strike her for her attempt. “That undead bastard is beginning to annoy me folks!” With that, Vander strikes down a path and calls out “Cover Me!” and lunges forward. The undead try to strike at him but can not match his speed or gain a direct hit on his armor. The others continue to strike at the horde.

Leeya is given a bit of curing by Dura. She wants revenge and casts Flaming Sphere at the mage. He burns from it but moves back away from it. She doesn’t see this redirect the ball of flame. Mania finds the undead security men are tougher than he thought. Especially the captain! Twice their batons strike him. Vander goes into a full charge to reach the undead mage.

Leeya drops the Flaming Sphere and strikes with a fireball, which hits directly as the undead mage was now up against a wall of a building. The group cut down and slam the undead. They note Mania’s plight and call attention to it. If he heard their offer he doesn’t respond. Aura the paladin and Bora rush over and strike down all but the undead captain. Incarnum does that.

The undead mage looks from his burnt hands cursing then suddenly sees the striking edge of a weapon. It is the last thing his undead eyes will ever see.

“Comon- if the security are involved, it is not safe or wise to be on the streets of Center Bridge.” Offers Mania thumbing over his shoulder. They begin to move away when a soft breeze flows through the party. Leeya smiles. “They heard.”

“Who heard?” asks Dura huffing and trying to chase after the larger and faster people.

The Dark lanterns 17of Breland.”

“They are a myth I thought.”

“If so- who is that?” she says pointing up. They look and see a lone figure leap from bridge to bridge with incredible skill and confidence.

“Lets go. That is NOT the Lanterns. That is Crimson Silver 18.”

“Who?” asks the paladin looking up.

“A vigilante.” Says Mania as he enters a dark tunnel that leads through a tower.
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“No Safe Haven”

The adventurers look for cover from the undead as they go blindly into a tunnel. They follow the rogue as he looks up and down a few dark tunnels. “They are EVERYWHERE!” Let’s go down. It seems they are all above now. And he moves quickly to a stairway that goes down twenty feet then empties into an area with a ladder that leads down. The smell rising from it declares it an entrance to the active sewers of Undersharn (19).

Mania hesitates briefly, as he looks for green mist or a horde of undead. He hopes these tunnels are empty, as they are part of his underground territory. “Coast is clear. Let’s go.” He calls up to the six others.

They climb down as he guards the landing. The Paladin and warforged are uncertain about this. One feels she is running away from the fight leaving innocents unprotected and the other fears going into the sewers where the undead seem to be coming from. But they are too open where they were before.

As they move they reach an area of flowing water and notice the sounds. The tunnels have undead in them after all. “Great- there goes the neighborhood.” Mutters Mania. The paladin stares hard at the rogue.

They decide to cross the flowing water. It may create a protective barrier for them as they hear undead coming from behind them now also. Aura fails her jump and has difficulty climbing out. Further reason to dislike the rogue and his direction sense.

Meanwhile- flowing down the stream is a thick green mist.

Dura sees the undead coming from behind and turns them. She notes how they stare at her. “Guys- are these undead freewill? They seem to be acting …well different than I would expect.” The others watch those and listen to others coming from ahead of them while she continues to watch their intelligence and thinking. These are at the very least intelligent.

Incarnum swings his twin short swords in tight little arcs out of nervousness. “Is this your great plan? We are about to be attacked from both the front and back sides underground in their territory.”

“Some PEOPLE like to look on the bright side. They can only attack from two sides. Moving water protects us on one of those sides. Ranged fighters and casters should guard that side. The rest of protect here as the zombies become bottlenecked here. Its best to make a good thing out of a bad situation- eh?” He says with a smile to Leeya as he seeks approval.

“Perhaps. But I still wonder if you lead us here for protection from the undead or the vigilante above.”

Mania has no comment for this.

“Very well. You have made your point pale one. Fight here we will.” Adds the warforged not understanding the friction developing between the young man and the mage. For that matter, the paladin and the rogue also.

Once some of the zombies have moved back far enough from the ladders Leeya castes a web spell to stop the zombies and give them an exit if required. Aura thanks her as she climbs out of the sewer waters and stands waiting for any further intrusions by the horde of undead. Dura rebukes the undead again and once more they stop and seem to consider this cleric’s powers before moving away. “This is bad!” she states.
Many of the zombie-like creatures take to the ladders. “They are moving away but in such a way they can attack at any time and from anywhere. They are thinking! They are planning! They are intelligent!”

“Well at least it can’t get worse.” Mania states.

“Look around you moron!” calls out the barbarian. “What is that?”

He looks up the dark tunnels over the water. “Green mist.” He says dumbly. Even as the mist washes over Leeya and Aura. The paladin becomes concerned. This mist is not natural. Then they hear it. “What is that?” asks Incarnum.

Mania listens and gives a name. “Oh that’s Dumbskull (20). He is an Ogre that hangs out down here. If you leave him alone he generally avoids you.”

“Look again.” Says Bora pointing with her incredibly large Great Falchion. “Either he was ugly also or he is now undead also!”

“Just like the security guards….” Remembers Leeya as she coughs from the mist. “I’m going up. It stinks here and I don’t like it.”

They all go up the ladder to return to the surface. Mania is the last to go and hesitates. He watches the lumbering form of his friend within the green mist. Indeed, his friend is undead now. The mage, the security men and now Dumbskull. Something bad has happened to Undersharn. Something very very bad.
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“Back-up Arrives”

“Anyone have a GOOD idea?” asks Bora as mania climbs out. He shrugs his shoulders and rolls his eyes at the insult.

“Instead of running from them- can we contain them safely? Asks the strange Paladin.

“There are so many. How do we stop dozens? Especially here? There are so many exits and tunnels in this specific area of Center Bridge. It would a few dozen of us.”

“Time. We just need to provide time for the real protectors of Sharn and Breland.”

“And just who is that? Crimson Silver? Some say he is as much a threat as the very threats he fights at night.” Says Mania to Leeya the Mage. “He is not only a vigilante but his methods are …well strange.”

“Sounds like you have had a run in with him.” suggests the dwarf as she sees three zombies turn their way. “I know little of him and even less of you. Yet I fight with you against these creatures.”

“Save the lectures. Here they come.” Says mania as he looks up. Four dark brown and black dressed men can be seen climbing down the walls of a tower. Three more appear at the far end of the courtyard, riding small floating disks. These three are using bows to attack the zombies.

“Dark Lanterns. Why am I not happy?” Thinks out loud Mania.

“We need help holding the Ferris Tower (21). Will you aid us?” calls out one of the men on the wall to the adventurers. “We are using that tower to protect people caught up in the first rush. Silver Flame clerics and Various House members are organizing to sweep through the city’s sewers to find and route the undead and its cause.”

Leading the way Leeya calls out to him. Six of the seven run towards the Ferris Tower. Mania hesitates then curses to himself. He chases after them before the Dark Lanterns stop to question him or mistake him for a zombie. Worse- if a Silver Flame member arrives…..

When they arrive at Ferris Tower they see chaos and death. A fire has broken out. People are trapped within certain sections.

Leeya and the Paladin search for a route or means to help people that are trapped. There are city guardsmen trying to put out the fire. A mage with a summoned water elemental is trying to aid but the elemental seems to be less than cooperative with him. Two sky coaches are loading people on board. Zombies are at the base trying to get in. Others seem to have gotten inside from the sewers or through special abilities.

“Do you see that bridge?” asks Leeya as she points to a bridge five levels up. “That bridge leads to five doors that are locked except for certain city events. If we could unlock or otherwise open those the people on level four, five and six could escape quickly while avoiding the creatures.”

“Great- so how do we get there?” asks Dura as she looks at the various routes and sees nothing direct.

Leeya reaches out and touches Vander. “Go and fly up there. You have strength to open the doors.”

Vander looks at her with bitterness. “You used magic on me?”


He turns back to the bridge and begins to float. Slowly at first then he picks up speed as he learns to balance his heavy weight.

“And me?” asks Bora the barbarian with some hurt and disappointment.

“I give you Spider climb- GO!” and she castes the spell quickly even as Incarnum and Aura begin to hurry to the base levels to deal with the zombies.

Leeya, nearly out of spells, wonders if giving he best escape spells away like that was smart but forgets it quickly as a zombie pulls a woman out of a doorway. She pulls her Short sword and prays to the Sovereign Six.
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“Crimson Silver”

He watched from up high with concern. The zombie-like creatures seemed to be coming from the sewers centered under Center Bridge. This area was a residential area / Entertainment area within Sharn. Many were trying to help while others merely fled. Then came the predators. Sharn’s long term threat.

He was originally surprised to see “Fat Feedcat” and his skycoach here. He was NOT a heroic type. Yet there he was going to the upper floors of Ferris Tower. Heroic? No. He was demanding incredibly high fees to be lifted from the tower to a different and “safer” region of the city. The jerk.

“I’m going in Red.” The mysterious hero figure states as he stands up from a crounched position high on the tower. The vigilante begins to run down the outer walls of the tower. Gaining impossible speed he uses his momentum to leap out onto Feedcat’s sky coach that is passing by.


The overweight catfolk pilot (22)turns hissing. He believes a zombie has attacked him from a bridge. Once he sees whom has joined him he wishes it was a zombie. “Bring the craft over there fatcat.” Demands the red and silver armored hero. “Those three people on the bridge have no where to go and the undead are entering it from both sides.”

“For you- anything.” Grumbles the catfolk. Silver Crimson has used his skycraft before. How he hated becoming involved in a turf battle between Gnolls and goblins.

There is a small red dragon emblem carved from a strange metal on his forehead. It glows red as the hero surveys the situation. He reaches out to the mother and her two children once they near the bridge. “Go!”

“Can’t. Too much weight.”

The hero surveys the overloaded ship and listens to the drone of the pilot as he complains about the risks and dangers he endures. Seeing no other choice, she turns onto the pilot. The totem on his forehead glows as does his own eyes. “Get these people to safety and without demanding money. If I hear of anything else I will HUNT you down.” An aura of fear flows from the vigilante to the pilot and several of the passengers. Then he flicks his wrist and red energy begins to seep from his hands as he steps off the wing.

The ship rises very quickly and swings away. The psionic long sword forms and once complete he rushes one group of zombies. Talking to someone unseen, he says “Yes- this is necessary. And no- I don’t trust him but at least the people will live.”

Three zombies reach him. Their dress and attire remind him of Cyre homeless people he has seen below ground. He cuts and moves to the rail of the bridge. His red slippers allow him to stick to the surfaces of the bridge as he climbs over the edge. The zombies go to that spot even as he runs under the bridge and circles to the opposite side. Before charging them he drinks a potion of Bull Strength. “Naw- I know its not the best idea but what the heck.” And he climbs over the edge and rushes the zombies from behind. He pushes two off the bridge and begins to bully his way through them. The fall destroys all of them once he has thrown them or pushed them over the edge.

Then a fire starts. “Great.”

Still using his spider climb magical ability, the vigilante climbs up to a window. He breaks the wooden shudder and enters the room.

“Mommy! Mommy! There’s a stranger in my room and he tearing up my bed!”

“Kid- get your parents and the others. I’m leading us out.” He is quick to use the child’s bed sheets as a sling and begins to take the trapped people out of the room to a higher bridge. After about the fifth person carried he notes the arrival of the Dark lanterns domestic team. “Yeah- I see them. Don’t care. I want to save these people first. I suspect Viorr (23) and his men will overlook the lawless vigilante. Trust me.”

And thus Crimson Silver works directly WITH the government for the first time.

Viorr spots the man. The King wants to know more about this “hero” and what motivates him. Viorr ponders which is more important- the citizens or the king. It will not be an easy decision then he spots a woman he has not seen in nearly six months. Leeya. The reason he and his men were able to come as quickly as they did. “The King will understand…..” he thinks knowing that he will not.
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“Unexpected Skills and Powers”

Vander found the five doors were well made and reinforced with iron. He could hear the pounding of fists and terrorized people on the other side. Bora arrived a few moments later. Her running up the wall did not surprise the Psychic Warrior. In truth he expected it. But where were the others?

“These doors resist my strength.”

“Together then.” Says the seven-foot tall barbarian. Vander wonders if she has Orc or Ogre blood within her veins.

The doors shudder and quake as they strike it over and over. The doors resist their efforts to being opened.

“Need help?” they turn and see a figure within the shadows. Mania has finally caught up with them.

“What can you do?”

“You would never guess what I can do in my element….”

The rogue kneels down to the lock. “Magically sealed but still a simple lock…..” He pulls out a few tools from his pocket. “You may want to cover your eyes….”

The rogue knows he will trip the magical wards and prepares for it as he sticks the first pick in. Electrical energy courses out and wraps around him. He clenches his teeth and he snarls. He sticks in the second pin to begin working the simple lock. Smoke rises from his hair and jacket. His body begins to glow and he concentrates further on the lock. “Such a simple lock but this …damned electrical current …. Hurts!” A trickle of blood runs from where his sharp tooth has pierced his lip. The door pops open and the stampede of people charge out. His legs are trampled even as Vander grabs him by the collar and pulls him away.

The wound on his lip closes up and he coughs out smoke.

“What ARE you?” asks Vander.

Meanwhile, Bora has been split away from them. A stream of constant rushing frenzied people has blocked her view of the two.

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