Siberys Seven: Heroes of Eberron


The seven adventurers have put out the fire with the help of Crimson Silver and the various Sharn Law Enforcement teams. In the confusion Mania has disappeared. Crimson Silver, as always, has eluded the Dark Lanterns whom are secretly investigating this undead outbreak.

The occurrence of zombies has stopped but stragglers are seen in various hallways and abandoned rooms. What caused this is still greatly unknown.

The six remaining adventurers have agreed to the hospitality of Sharn. They are resting at a local station. House Jorasco (24)is at the station tending to their wounds and burns received during the night. Captain Turnwell (25)has many questions of them. Most of which they can not answer beyond the zombies attacked them within the tavern.

Then an officer comes in and quietly speaks to Turnwell. Turnwell becomes red in the face. He makes a fist then releases it in surrender. “Seems someone else has taken interest in you. May Aureon (26) have mercy.”

He exits before anyone can say anything. The halfling healers gather themselves up and leave as a woman dressed in black and crimson leather (27)walks in. Followed by an older man with a silver cane. Behind him is a young man with long blonde hair (28). The old man is very thin but walks with an unspoken grace and power. He stops and looks directly at Leeya then studies each of the others. “Where is the young man?”

“We did not get his name. He aided us then left when the worse of the crisis ended.” Says Leeya. Her mannerisms have changed and she has become very uneasy and alert.

“Where is Shad Chadwick (29)? It was he I contacted and expected.” She follows up with.

“He has other duties. I wish each of you to tell me your names, where you come from and why you were here in Sharn. Then tell me about the incident last night. Don’t lie. Nadia will know.”

In turn, each gives their name and background. Aura is very vague with her upbringing. Nadia says nothing. Vander is stubborn. He wants to know who the old man is and why he seems to command so much respect from the law. Leeya tries to shoosh him but he will not take the hint.

Once released, Dura invites the others her home. They agree expecting to find a small apartment. Instead they find her “apartment” is an entire level of a tower. “My grandfather (30) pays for it.” She says.

Here they rest and take it easy. In the next 12 hours they become friends but all are too shy to Aura about her origins.

Vander retreats in deep thought. Dura serves food that consists of Aundair wine and cheeses with Karrnath meats. Finally Vander clears his throat to get everyone’s attention. They stop and look to him.

“You do know this is not over. The zombies are still out there only hiding and the cause is not known either. Those zombies were living beings mere days ago.”

“Are you suggesting we investigate it?” says Leeya in stunned disbelief. She wants to but knows The Dark Lanterns will be looking themselves.

“And I know where to begin boys and girls.”

Everyone turns and sees the mysterious young man from the night before. “Hi- My name is mine to know but my street name is Mania. Please don’t ask me to lie about my background.”
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“I, Mania”

“Howdidyoulocateus?howdidyousurvivethoseburnswhatdoyouknowwhydoesViorrwanttoknowaboutyou?!?!” is said in unison by the group to the young man.

“I do sooo love my fans. One at a time please. As I said, I am known as Mania. I tend to know a lot about the streets of Sharn thus is how I located you. As the granddaughter of Kim Elderich it was not hard to locate you. However- you are slumming. As for me- I am a mutant of sorts and heal rapidly. Something Viorr and his people want to know. Including Lucian whom is in charge of searching for the mysterious and unnatural.”

Vander takes it all in. He knows this young man is lying but on what and why he is uncertain. Aura stares at him. She still wears her armor and it seems to shine as she looks at him. The others wait.

“How do you know where to go?” asks Bora.

“As I already said- I know what is happening on the streets and below them. There are facts you are over looking.”

“Over looking?” asks Dura.

“One- Some of those zombies I knew in life. Many I have seen before and recently. They all either live below ground or have business there. Two- The green mists came and stayed with them. Three- The personalities changed and they became angry at the world. Four- this one I got from your messenger boy- says the bodies were mutated magically and made into undead."

He reads the last bit from a note. “Give me that!” says Leeya. Mania holds the note high and away from him so that to reach it she must push her body against his. His eyes lock with hers for a moment then he smiles and gives it to her.

“Bastard.” She says while smiling and looking into his flirtatious eyes. She reads it through and agrees.

“By the way- who is this Shad? Could it be Shadow? Shadow of the Dark Lanterns?”

“None of your business. By our getting this Viorr has given us the okay to act.”

“The okay?” Growls Vander.

“Just whom is this old man?” asks Dura again.

“Most of it I can not say but lets just say he works for the king and keeps secrets for him and is very serious about his job. Serious at the highest level.”

“Translation- If he wanted to he could kill you in broad daylight in the name of Breland and get away with it.” Asks Bora.

“He has asked House Sivis to create a License to Kill for him. They may do it to avoid losing workers.” Jokes Mania.

Aura stands up. “Then mystery man, where do we begin?” Her intense stare narrows onto him.

“By any chance are you a paladin?” he asks.

“Where to?” repeats Dura to avert any arguments.

“The sewers.”

“Snig The Yellow Fear”

“These undead- you have suggested they were mutated somehow. Possibly by the gas.” Asks Bora with minor concern. “How will it not effect us?”

“Don’t know. Won’t effect me and I am guessing the strange heavily armored lady won’t either.” Answers Mania as he peers down a dark tunnel.

“Why not?”

“Paladins are immune to disease.”

“And you?”

“Shoosh. We are near the tunnels of the Yellow Fear.”

“Who are the Yellow Fear?” asks Incarnum out of true curiosity.

“Snig’s gang. They are yellow skinned goblin thieves and cutthroats for hire. If bored or not hired they just get into mischief anyway.”

“Much like yourself.” Says a voice from the shadows. A short yellow skinned goblin steps out into their lantern light. “It has been a long time since you entered my lands Mania. I hope it is for a better reason than the last time.”

“Snig- still a sneak as ever. How is it hangin’?”

The goblin looks over the group behind the rogue. “Never thought I would see the day that you hung out with a cleric and a paladin.” Dura gives the goblin of look of impatience.

“Where is the rest of the Fear?”

“Taken by the Mist. Many I had to kill myself.”

“The Mist- The Green Mist?” interrupts Leeya.

Pointing to his eyes- “Lady – I understand why Mania tolerates you but do yourself a favor and shut up and let us talk. Underground I can’t make out color.”

Incarnum is about to ask why he calls his group of thieves the Yellow fear if color is an issue but decides not too. Humanoids are strange and he needs to remember this.

“So Mania- I suppose this means you are here to kill zombies?”

“Correct but more to the point- learn where they are coming from.”

“Then let us talk where it is safe.” And the yellow skinned goblin sinks into the shadows and Mania motions for the others to follow. Hidden within the deep shadows is a secret door. It opens without a sound and soon the group of would be heroes are missing.

“Snig’s Lair”

The secret tunnel that leads to Snig’s safe meeting area is dark and narrow. Vander and Aura in their armor have a difficult time moving. Snig flinches every time their armor loudly scraps on a jutting rock. The nearly 7ft tall Bora finds herself likewise cramped. She needs to bend her knees to walk through the passage. Finally however the narrow tunnel leads to a grate and Snig motions everyone to go down. Mania gives an assuring look to Leeya and Dura. However, it is noted that he will not go first into the new area.

The eight of them are now in an open space. The smell of water is strong. “Where are we?” asks Leeya.

“Below Sharn. Now be quiet. There are many groups and predators within Undersharn. Each would gladly take you and your possessions to the black market.”

Leeya is a bit put off. She has never seen mania be this way. There is more to him than the flirtatious young man he makes himself out to be. Snig and Mania creep ahead of the others. Their forms are just barely visible in the darkness to those without darkvision. Dura, a dwarf, watches them creep to a gate. They look around and whisper something then go back to them.

In a hushed tone, Mania asks everyone to move slowly and quietly. He looks at the paladin and the warrior and knows better. But every effort is important. They creep slowly through the gate, which leads to a rising arched bridge. Once at the highest point, they look around and point below. Dura whispers to the others to be quiet.

Below, on the water reservoir, a raft can just be seen. A lone figure is on it. Unseen by the adventurers, another raft or means for someone to be there is under the bridge. At forty feet away, they can not make out details of the talk. However, Snig insists on listening in on the conversation. Leeya notes he has a cone shaped shell held up to his ear. It must be allowing him to listen in.

Five minutes go by then the raft moves away along with the person on it. Snig and Mania wait another five minutes before motioning to follow them. Leeya begins to protest but Dura motions to agree and move. They cross the bridge and find a series of new tunnels. Some are for walking and others are water chutes. Snig motions to enter a chute and about ten feet up they find themselves entering a small room with heavy curtains. The curtains conceal sight and sound as they pass them.

Fifty feet beyond these is a locked door which Snig has a key for and mumbles a few words in goblin before entering. “Welcome to the lair of the Yellow Fear.”

The door opens and inside is a 25 x 25-foot room with several hammocks and crates used for tables and chairs. Two short pale green goblins are playing cards in a corner with a lantern burning. Without looking up they greet Snig. “Hey Boss.”

Snig clears his throat then steps over and slams the head of one goblin onto the table. The other goblin jumps up. “Company! Big people! Alive people!” He jabbers in a mix of common and goblin.

“Guard the room. NO. NO. Do I make myself clear? No cards.” Says Snig with some anger.

He passes them after kicking the stunned goblin with a bloody nose while it still sits on the floor. The adventurers pass them wondering what they have gotten themselves into.

Within a new room which is better kept and also clean, Snig and adventurers gather.

“What was that about on the bridge?” demands Leeya of Snig and Mania.

“As I was saying before, there are many groups here. Clans or gangs if you will. Everyone is nervous about these undead suddenly appearing.”

“Yes everyone. Including Lady Calderus.” Adds Snig quietly.

“Who is that?” asks Dura.

“Very powerful ruler here. Undead. Vampire. We Yellow Fear thieves avoid her and her people as much as possible.”

“And who else?” asks Aura unhappy with this cat and mouse game.

“Not sure. Could be the Jack of Irons. Could be Silver Crimson for all I know. Someone she respects so I avoid him.”

“Enough.” Says Vander with no room for argument. “What are we here for?”

Snig takes off his green cap and scratches his balding scalp. “Its undead vs. Undead. She is battling the undead. The other person is to take care of the higher levels.”

Leeya sighs.

“Aura looks at Mania and the goblin contemplating what to say and how to word it. “Mania, you lead us to this goblin “rogue” for information. What information does he have? I suspect it is more than what he believes he heard when listening in on these creatures.” It is obvious her patience is thinning.

The goblin chews his lower lip and squints at the paladin then at Mania. “Paladin?” He says with a disgusted look.


“Human or elven?”

“I doubt either.” This moment makes everyone suddenly aware they do not know either. The Paladin takes a step back. She is uncertain what may happen next.

“WELL?” stresses Leeya. Her strong and stubborn will comes to the surface. “What can you tell us?”

The goblin sits down and tries to pretend he is in control of this conversation still. He calmly gets a bottle and sniffs it’s contents. His eyes go blank for a moment then he pours some into a dirty cup then chugs the rest from the bottle. He looks sourly at her and burbs. Drops of spittle land on his table and floor. “Since you asked so nice….”

“Through my own resources, I have found out this is an act of aggression from an outside faction. It is aimed at Sharn and Breland in General. It will NOT be limited to here however. Somewhere, there is an alchemical mixture that creates these fiendish fumes that change living creatures into zombies of ill will. It is not limited to humans nor goblins.”

“Where does it originate?”

“I would begin near the surface …near Center Bridge.”

“Then we go.” Says Vander turning.

Mania takes the lead and they leave Snig and his two goblin thieves behind.

“What do you think of them boss?”

“They will have their uses. Come. If we hurry, we can eavesdrop on Viorr during his luncheon with the King.”

“I Want to Eat Your Brain”

“Do you hear that?” asks Bora of Mania.

“Shoosh.” I am trying to listen for details.”

“Those are men in battle and many are screaming. I WILL NOT WAIT!” calls out the dwarven cleric.

“Vander- stop her!” calls out softly Mania.

Vander chases after the dwarf but with his falchion drawn. The rogue looks back to Leeya whom is looking for spell components as she begins to walk past him. Defeated, the rogue draws out his daggers and gives chase.

They clear the corner and find a great and terrible battle is occurring. Two separate groups of zombies are battling a Sharn Watch patrol.

Vander leaps into the battle and begins to cut down many zombies from behind. Soon the others join in. Several of the zombies are not the typical homeless or commoners. One has magical abilities and flees as the group arrives.

The battle ends.

“Thankyou. If you had not arrived I do not like the odds of our survival. We were okay until the second group came.” The Captain holds his sword to his side and offers his hand in thanks. “I am Captain Donnerson.”

“You are welcome Captain. We are here to locate the source and hopefully end it.” Replies Leeya.

“They seem thicker as one goes down that tunnel. We dare not enter it as such. Perhaps with your help.”

“We are merely seeking answers- not a great battle. What ever is causing this is not a natural event.”

“Magic? There are rumors of a plague from the Mournlands. Could it be that?” says the Captain in fear.

“I will not rule out anything.”

Looking around Leeya notes she is missing some party members. “Where is Vander and mania?”

One of the guards points down the dangerous wing. “There. They went down there…alone.”

“Displacer Serpents”

“Unless I am lost, this tunnel leads towards Center Bridge.”

“Yes. Yes it does. The first sightings of the creatures occurred here so we decided to begin there.” Offers the Captain of the Sharn Patrol.

The two impatient fighters go down the dark tunnel. Vander has produced a lantern to light the way. Mania seems indifferent with the light use. They enter a room with two exits.

“Left or Right big guy?” asks mania.

“Go to the right.” Offers Vander.

They go that way and after a short ways find a heavily secured iron door. “Hello…what have we here?” says Mania as he produces some tools to pick the lock. “What are you doing? There seems to be no threats here. We should turn back.”

“Curiosity I guess.” Mania frowns. The lock is rusted and will not operate. “You lead the way big guy.”

They begin to reach the room with two exits when they see lights. The voices they hear they recognize as the others.

“If you want to go and get yourselves killed then fine. Run off. We will not always come after you. As a team will do much better.” Scolds Leeya. “What was down there?”

“Locked door.” Says Mania

“No zombies” adds Vander with disappointment.

“Then lets go this way. The Captain says these tunnels are like a maze and we need to be careful about becoming lost. There is more down here than just zombies.” Says Leeya.

They continue on and find a set of broken doors. Being careful, they enter the room. The room inside is in ruins. Leeya looks at some of the columns and stone work. “It looks to be of the Dhakanni Age.” Says Leeya.

“Yeah. A lot of the stuff down here is.” Answers mania without any interest and little respect for the goblinoid age. Half of the group stay with Leeya and the others follow Mania into the next section. It is another room. This room has little within it. Mania goes to the next room. It is over grown with moss and mushrooms.

“Stinks in here.”

“Fungus usually does.” Says Bora “Wait! Is there something within the room?”

Vander tightens the grip on his falchion and inches forward.

Incarnum, the warforged student of a new magic type steps up to the doorway beside Mania. Dark serpentine creatures rush at them. They are hard to see within the darkness and seem to blur.

Incarnum swings his short sword and strikes one. Mania swings and swears he had the creature. Vander misses as the creatures attack. Both go after Mania but miss. Leeya with the others hear the commotion and call out.

Incarnum swings with both of his blades this time. He misses the first swing but drops a creature with the second strike. Leeya is told to hold back by Dura whom enters the second room to find out what has happened. Aura and the city watch continue to watch for attacks from behind. The lone creature attempts to strike Bora the barbarian but misses. Vander swings and curses as his swing passes through the murky aura of the creature.

Incarnum concentrates and strikes true killing the last creature.

“What was that?” asks Bora.

Incarnum figures it to be a magical creature.

“These fit the descriptions of a creature I have heard of down here. Displacer Serpents. Nasty little creatures.” Answers Mania.

“Be careful, there might be more.” Calls out the Captain.

“Finally” says Vander.

“What is it?” asks Incarnum.

“Can’t you hear that? Moans. More of the creatures are coming… zombies that is.” Says Mania as he motions into the darkness beyond the open doorway that exits this room.

Coming soon- the return of the Siberys Seven complete with glossary links. Plan ius to reach about 25th level. Hope to hear from you soon.

“Oh RATS!”

“Why are we running?” says Vander as he is avoiding being pushed down by the others in the spiral stairway.

“Did you see how many of them there were?!? In such an open room we were doomed.” Answers one of the soldiers in irritation. Adventurers…suicidal lot they are he thinks to himself.

“I really think we are doing this entirely wrong.” States Dura whom is forced to nearly hop from step to step to avoid tripping on the stairs with her shorter legs.

“Looks like an exit is coming up.” Says Captain Donnerson, “It would be a good idea to regroup. We could bottleneck the creatures here at the base of the stairs, assuming they continue to follow us.”

Grouping up, the soldiers check the room while the others discuss recent events.

“It doesn’t seem they are following.” Says the Warforged Ranger with crystals protruding from his Mithral armor plates. “It is as if they know we are waiting for them.”

“Am I really the only one here that understands who we are running from?!?” grumbles Mania. “These creatures as you call them were once living and breathing residents of Undersharn. They know these mazes of corridors and water ducts better than even I do. They know this makes for a good ambush point. They may be undead or at least undead like but they are smart.”

“He is correct. Once more we are underestimating them.” Says Bora. “But we could still could have taken them on the upper level.” Bora was never one to run from a fight.

“Let’s not lose our objective gang. We came here not to fight the creatures but to find the source and destroy it. Keep that in mind….please.” Leeya says while making eye contact with Vander and Bora. Mania has once more dropped back into the shadows.

They move up to the next room and find a strange sight. The large room has a mild glow to it. Runes as carved into the floor tiles and a brighter glowing pillar is set to the far wall. The room is so clean it nearly shines in and of itself.

“What is it?” Asks Dura as she stares at the tiles trying to make out the runes.

Leeya steps up. “The original structure is goblinoid but the runes… they are newer. Much more recent. They have several layered spells… the same spell… active on them.”

“Safe to walk on?” Asks Bora wrinkling her nose at it.

“I think I know what these are….” Says Mania as he steps up. He holds out his hand, which is covered with dirt and filth. He reaches over the glowing tiles and the light becomes brighter. It appears it is trying to reach out to his hand. Everyone watches him as he lowers his hand to the tile. The dirt seems to lift away from his hand and balls up then disappears.

Sanitation Squares (39) .” Says the Captain with mild humor. “ These were built by House Cannith for the city government. It is too control the sewage and such during floods. A water chute must be nearby.”

Each person crosses the room with small smiles on their face as dirt, blood and other such items lift from their armor, weapons and bodies before disappearing. “Its better than changing your underwear.” Says Mania hoping to break more of the tension.

The soldiers spot a short set of stairs and climb them. Heavy double doors are after this and they are open. They continue on to look into the room in case something is lurking here to attack their backside. “Nothing here sir. It’s a water chute.” Twelve chutes empty into this room. The floor has two 10x10 foot barred pits that allow the water to go into deeper sections away from the tower and the city itself.

Mania stops and motions for everyone to be quiet.

One of the soldiers moves over to a chute and looks up. “Huh?”

“company.” Says Mania

Suddenly dozens of bony filth covered large rats (40) spill out of eight chutes. They miss the startled soldier by it is obvious they are preparing to press the attack.

The soldiers are well trained and listen to Captain Donnerson. Using their tower shields (riot control) they form a wall along the edge of the grating. To attack the rats will need to risk the grating cover. Some of the adventurers hold back while others move up to the line.

“I will protect you Miss Leeya.” States the warforged as he draws out his second Short Sword. Bora also moves to her side. Her barbarian tribe in the Demon Wastes (41) understands the power of magic and what it can do.

Dura complains about the shields and how they block her view. She readies herself for any breaks in the shield wall. Mania sighs and takes out his dagger and flips it in his hand and performs other tricks of simple skill with it. He sees no reason to become involved in this fight.

Vander misses as he reaches through the wall. Aura kills one then steps through the wall to face the creatures. She warns the others of their disease carrying ways.

“I need NO protection Incarnum. She waves her one-hand and points three figures in the general direction of a rat she can just barely see as it tries to flank the soldiers. Three beams of whitish-blue energy streak out and strike the creature pushing it back into the small horde of Dire Rats. Everyone swings at the horde killing rat after rat. Mania looks over his shoulder and wonders how far this battle can be heard and then how long before more zombies attracted by the noise attack them.

The last few rats decide the battle is done and flee back to the chutes. The soldiers are happy their shield tactics worked and the others are…. Disappointed in the lack of challenge. Dura grumbles as she looks at the few scratches the soldiers took from the first wave of attacks. “I hope I don’t become everyone’s Band-Aid.”

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