Siberys Seven: Heroes of Eberron


BARRAKAS 10, 999

The seven friends eventually reach Zilargo. House Orien is happy to see them off. In Trolanport, they had a short misadventure dealing with a gnome that summons elemental creatures. After defeating him, the team is offered a means to Sharn.

The ship reaches Sharn and they return to where it all started.....

Dura ir’Elderich returns to her apartment and relaxes. It is a decent size so everyone has space to relax. Hot baths and perfumes for the women and cold drinks and hot food for the guys. Mania just likes being in the city again.

BARRAKAS 14 , 999

Nearby, a time displaced John Play awakens and remembers a promise he made for Kim ir’Elderich. He has a note he is to deliver to his granddaughter- Dura. Knowing he may be ripped from time and place by Glyder Freetime at any moment, he leaves to accomplish his mission.

Play takes a skycoach to the tower where the Elderich family have a small mansion. He hopes she is in. He has not seen Dura is years (literally) and wanders what she is up to. He always thought she had that same mischievous mindset her grandfather has. There are no servants. The gardens in the front gate look neglected. But he spots someone in the window. Someone taller than a dwarf.

Sliding a Tonfa to his hand he goes to the door. He knocks and the door is answered shortly. Play is not prepared for what he sees. The door is answered by a human woman that is over six feet tall and very strong looking. Her square jaw suggests Eldeen heritage. “Is Dura ir’Elderich in?”

“and you are?” Demands the woman.

Play spots a strange looking warforged behind her. Gems are embedded in his shoulders and arms. “Play, John Play. A family friend.”

The tall woman closes the door on him. He can hear several people talking then the door opens. A female dwarf opens the door. Her hair is balled up within a towel and she is wearing a Sarlonian cloth robe. “John?” she asks.

The ex-Dark Lantern and at times ally to her grandfather gives her a big smile and opens his arms for a hug. She nearly lifts him off his feet. “John!”

Excited introductions are made. Mania immediately takes a dislike to Play. They have the same charming personality, flirtatious natures and even look like they could be brothers. Also, Leeja is appreciating the looks she is getting from him. Play doesn’t seem to notice Bora’s own body language as she takes stock of the self-proclaimed “Hero for Hire”.

Dura and the others talk about their adventures and House Kundarak’s contract with her grandfather. In turn, Play talks about his time travel adventures. Before he leaves, he hands her an envelope. Within it is a written letter from Kim, her grandfather.

John leaves and the seven friends sit back and talk about him. Eventually, everyone finds their place to sleep- everyone but Dura. She stares at the envelope. After several failed attempts at sleep she gets up and opens the envelope.

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BARRAKAS 15, 999

“I don’t like this- not. One. Bit.” Mutters Dura.

“What did he say again?” asks Bora.

“Go to the Sharn Kundarak bank and request to see Chakka d’Kundarak. Give her the name Drew Savatoose.”


“Very. And since we still are subject to the contract between him and Kundarak it makes me less inclined to do business with them.”

Dura leaves for the Kundarak banks later that morning. This leaves the others to fend for themselves.

Incarnum enjoys looking over her balcony. The thought of so many living people being here amazes him still. It is why he came here to begin with all that long time ago.

Bora awakens late. She has had another restless night thinking of home. She cannot help but think something is wrong. She wants to return badly.

Mania spent the night on the streets. They hope it is to visit with old friends but they are uncertain. The Dhamphir is so unpredictable and mysterious.

Vander awoke a few hours ago and has begun possibly his second breakfast. He has come to enjoy sliced fresh fruit muffins and pastries.

Leeya sits at a window wondering about her connections and ties to this city. She knows they need to be dealt with but how? She wants to avoid the emotional pain of it.

Aura has left to explore the city. Something or someone had drawn her here, she is certain of it but what or whom?

Dura Elderitch reaches the bank’s tower. She travels via an magical lift up the next twenty levels and switches to a bridge then to another lift. This lift has armed dwarven guards in gleaming gold and platinum laced armor and blue shining halberds. Kundarak guards. The lift rises about five levels and she gets off.

The Sharn Kundarak bank is the top of a tower. It has long steps and pillars. Statues of dragons stand guard at each of the four corners. Everything is made to look of gold. How much of this is real and how much is magical illusion is hard to say.

She climbs the stairs and gets into a line. A few short minutes later she reaches the teller. “ Drew Savatoose.”

“What may I do for you Mistress Savatoose?”

Uncertain what to say, she hopes for the best. “Private Vault.”

The dwarf looks at her long and hard and calls for another dwarf. He leaves quickly and returns shortly with a well dressed dwarf, presumably the vault chief. “What is it Greta?” he snarls.

“Vault” is all she says and looks over Dura’s shoulder to greet the next customer.

The vault chief gives a sour look and turns. “Follow me Miss.” Reaching a door guarded by stone statues (most likely magical) he stops and turns. “Name and papers”.

Papers? Dura is not sure where this is going. “Drew Savatoose.” She states.

The vault keeper stops and looks at her sternly. “Repeat.” He demands.

“Drew Savatoose. I don’t seem to have my papers on me.”

With little change in his posture or tone he grumbles. “This way Miss” and they enter another lift that goes down two floors. They step off into a hallway and go down stairs. Near the bottom he finally speaks. “Known your father from before the war. Saved my life once…. Or twice.” Turns and gives a smirk.

“I’m sorry…. But do you know who I am?”

“Drew Savatoose as the papers said.” He motions above and points to his ears. They may be magically eavesdropped.

The stairs enter a large room with another several doors. He speaks a password into one, then unlocks it, then speaks a second password. The seams of the door glow yellow and gold and the door hisses as it opens. “From this room I can reach any of the portal vaults our house has.” As if that explains everything thinks Dura.

Once inside he relaxes and gives her a hug. “Dura ir’Elderitch- I never thought I would see you.”

“Elderitch sir. Despite the wealth, my family is not considered to be of noble status.” Says the slightly confused Dura.

“Pah! The people in the Holds can be so people-phobic. Your Grandfather was very wise to do this. It is as if he knew what would happen. Do you mind if I ask what he has done with the rest of the money?”

“He built a giant airship and is searching for some crazy artifact.” She admits. “At this point I’m sure if he is alive or merely traveling the world.”

“Or even the planes. He always spoke of planar travel.”

He pulls and pushes unseen levers and wards and speaks a series of strange tone with the name of Drew Savatoose mixed within it. The space opens up before him and Dura cannot speak at what she sees within.

Been awhile so I'm restarting this Storyhour. Its been so long I have lost character sheets (old computer that crashed last year) and will be remaking the characters from the original notes and memory.


BARRAKAS 18, 999

“No more. Not even one bite. Awwwwww” bemoans Dura as she pushes away from the dinner table at the five star restaurant- “Talmeo’s”. The three slices of sweetened cake remain from the original full cake.

“You ate like a dwarf.” Comments Mania as he watches the waitress move about carefully balancing her tray with glasses on it. Her hips sweep side to side between tables and chairs.

“I did too.” Comments Bora whom then belches and blushes. “Excuse me. Sorry” If the barbarian felt like it work, she would hide under the table.

“Tis quite alright. In some cultures, that is a sign of gratitude. So- Thankyou.” Comes a voice from behind Leeya. The four turn to see whom has spoken and are surprised to see a changeling wearing an apron and bandana. “I am Zigland. How was the cake Miss?”

“Very good. Compliments to the chef.” Says Dura as she pats her stomach once more.

“Thankyou. I aim to please as much as I can.”

“Wait…. YOU are the Chef?” stumbles out Leeya looking at the happily smiling shapeshifter.

“Why yes I am. Why does that surprise you? Is it the fact I am a –“ begins the changeling with a hint of being insulted.

“You are young looking for a…. Chef.” Interjects Dura.

The changeling stops and smiles. “What a strange thing to say to a Changeling. But thankyou again. I hope you enjoy the rest of the meal and come back again.”

“As you as the chef- most definitely.” Adds Bora.

“Ah. Come soon then. I will be traveling soon to explore the world and work on my project. I am writing a book about different cultures and what they eat.”

“Sounds great.” Concludes Mania as he wonders if blood is on the menu. Wouldn’t he be surprised to learn it may 😊 .

“So- what are you going to do with the money?” asks Leeya.

“I don’t know. I’m still taking it all in. One month I’m rich, the next I’m poor and in dept and then suddenly I’m rich again.”

“I’m curious- what was in those chests you carried in two nights ago? More treasure or something else?” asks Mania nodding to the waitress and then getting his shin kicked by Leeya under the table. “Ow! Huuuuurrrrr…… My keen ears didn’t hear coin….. it sounded like paper.”

“Your ears are too nosy. As you all know, my Grandfather, Kim Elderich, was always exploring and finding the next big thing. I have only begun to explore them, but the chests have notes and journals about things he was investigating and exploring.” The dwarf comments before licking some icing from the fork that escaped her before.

“I had hoped actually that the others would have joined us. I wanted to discuss some things with everyone. The six of you all kept with me- no matter what- over the last few months and I wanted to repay you.”

“You did- with this meal.” Says Bora as she eyes the remaining cake not eaten by her best friend.

“Well yes but there is more to everything than this.”

“I don’t follow.” Questions the mage.

“Have you ever wondered about how we met and how we traveled from one adversity to another? The Zombie Fog….that damned dragon at my home….fleeing south with House Kundarak hounding me….”

“It has been a good time.” Adds Mania as he smiles and winks at Leeya.

“Aura and I were talking about it last night-“

“Uh-oh. Killjoy alert. Was Vander and Incarnum there also?”

Giggling Dura says no. “Aura feels we were meant to meet and become friends. Her spirit says we have a purpose to fulfill.”

“Like eating cake?” comments the barbarian as she motions for approval to have some of the cake.

“I never felt more alive than when we were in Darguun. It was dangerous. It was of the unknown. It was….”

“FUM!” blurts out Bora with a mouthful of cake.

“Yes. Yes it was.”

“Was? Why stop now?” interjects Mania.

“My point exactly.”

“aaaaand….?” Prods Leeya.

“What if I discover… we discover a purpose within those chests? Some unfinished business my grandfather had?”

The three others look at each other with uncertainty. Then Bora jumps to her feet suddenly- “The Seven are back!”

Mania leans over to whisper in Leeya’s ear- “The seven?”


BARRAKAS 19, 999

“Day of Nines?... What is that?” asks Mania holding the parchment up.

“Dunknow. Nine things happen in a single day?” answers Bora while she is looking over a set of keys made with obsidian glass.

Incarnum watches from the corner. He is holding up a book written in elven. It does have nice pictures of elven archers shooting at a blue dragon from a boat.

Vander looks at the pouch. Curious, he opens it and pours out several coins. Minted from a country he doesn’t know.

“This came from your chest Mania. Sheets with strange writing on it.” Bora holds the papers up to offer to him. Leeya takes them to give to Mania but stops.

“This draconic. I can read this.” Everyone stops to listen- even Mania.


“There’s that Day of Nines again. It must mean something.” Comments mania as he takes the top paper. “Sure this is draconic? Looks like a goblin child painted with a stick.”

“I vote for the Nines.” Offers Bora.

“Sure? It’s the biggest chest.”

“All the easier to solve. Kim already gathered the clues. We just need to arrange them in order and solve it.” Answers Aura covered by her Psionic skin.

“You know….. this reads like a Draconic Prophecy. This one too.” Says Leeya retaking the paper back from Mania whom sits there stupidly blinking.



“That is some voodoo hoodoo scary crap there.” Then mania begins to chuckle.


“I have heard of something like that before…. As a child growing up in Eldeen. A visiting Orc Shaman came by asking about unusual fiendish activity from beyond the badlands. Wow….. that is scary.” Begins Bora.

“What does it mean?” asks Aura as she holds onto a necklace of the Sovereign Host.

“To the south, in the Shadow Marshes there are rumored gates to the nightmare plane…”

“Xoriat?” interrupts Aura with a mix of fear and rising conviction.

“I guess. I was maybe four at the time. The gates are supposed to open and release creatures made of nightmares.”

“Then…. It is true and it is time.” Declares Aura as she gathers the papers from Leeya and Bora.

“Aura- what is it? What is wrong?” asks Dura as she watches the paladin hurry about placing the papers into the chest.

“Is that all?” she asks.

“Except for this- my grandfather’s personal journal that came from the chest.” Admits Dura.

“We’ll need that also. Gather your things….. If what you have read is true and my dreams are accurate… we DO have a calling. It is to either Eldeen or the Marches.”

“Time out. What dreams and do you mean you really wanted to go on an adventure? I thought that was just talk.” Stampers Mania.

“Time out as he said. Let slow down and think about this. What we have are riddles and childhood campfires used to scare little children. I need more to go on.”

“And I know the where and how.” Follows Leeya.

“Will there be combat?” asks Vander.


BARRAKAS 19, 999

“Is it me or is she enjoying this?” Asks Mania to Leeya,

“I think it is a good turn. This is a growing point in her life.”

“Really?” follows Mania. “How so?”

“Do you remember when we met at the club?” She begins.


“And how the zombies came and attacked?” He nods. “We went to help and had to flee the sewers from them. We were reckless and had no plan.”

“And since she is thinking about this and planning it- makes it a better idea…. A more responsible and grown-up idea?”


“Okay. So we will see MY contacts. Dura will see hers. Vander is seeing The Wayfinders and Aura has an idea but SHE won’t tell us.”

“Family connections. Not family. Kim has friends in surprising areas.”

“Where are we going anyway?” Leeya asks.

“Undersharn to see a friend or two of mine.”

“Anyone I may know?”

“I hope not!”

“I should have known. Friends in low places.”

“The lowest.” He smiles and takes her hand in his. She tenses then relaxes and doesn’t fight it.

An hour later they arrive at an open area underground. It is a make-shift market place. Leeya steps closely to Mania as goblins watch them picking their teeth and smiling with a wink at her. Several well dressed halflings with larger humanoids can be seen regularly. A few give Mania and her a look as they walk by.

Mania seems to have a specific place in mind and finds it after ten minutes of walking around. A pot bellied older man with a gold tooth smiles with recognition at Mania. “Mania? MANIA! That is you ya rascal. How is it happening? Who is this?”

“Old Dawg. How goes it. Its been…. Two years? This- This is a friend of mine. Leeya. This is Old Dawg. He hears much of what is going on around the world.”

“Good to meet you.” She says without offering her hand.

“I get the sense you didn’t come her to see me Boy. What yea looking for?”

“Not sure in truth. I have only a few words or phrases to go by. Thought you may understand them.”

“So…. Try me.”

“Day of Nines.”

“Day of Knives we don’t talk about….. especially down here.” He nervously stammers while looking about.

“Not Knives….. NINES. The number.”

“Strange phrase. Command word or a password is my first thought…..”

Mania waits. He knows how Old Dawg thinks. It’s a process.

15 minutes pass. “Part of a prophecy…. Why didn’t you say so to begun with Boy. Lets see….. Nine children. Nine wives. Nine enemies.”

Another 15 minutes pass. “Sorry Boy.”

Mania and Leeya turn to leave. Behind them, at a nearby market set-up, sit two halflings and a big bugbear. They watch the two go while in deep thought.

The goblin market....

and the failed Gather Info attempt


BARRAKAS 19, 999

The two warriors walk to the residence of a gnome noble that lives in Sharn. They are meeting Sir Violet Rose here. She is a war hero and adventurer that has settled in the Morgrave area of Sharn. She is also a member of the Wayfinders. The residence belongs to… a very rich gnome with questionable income from the war.

“Every time I come to top levels of this city I am amazed.” Offers Incarnum the warforged.

“Amazed?” questions Vander.

“This city is…. Incredible. It is unlike anywhere I have ever been.” And the warforged goes silent again.

“I have never asked….. where were you…. Well …… where are you…..”

“The word you seek is built…. Or created. North of here.”

Vander allows the uneasy subject to pass. He understands privacy. He has a few secrets he keeps himself. The least of which is having connections with the Wayfinder Foundation. His older sister- Arlene.

They cross a private bridge that connects the well-off gnome’s home from other towers. A small rose garden is the first area encountered. It is well kept and colorful. A railed ramp curls around the outer edge of the garden and tower outer wall to the main door. The door is re-enforced and strong. A knocking ring is located on a bull’s (minotaur) head. Vander reaches up for it when the door opens.

“Vander Stormbringer. You were expected. Alone.” Answers an armed guard.

“This is my friend and ally- the warforged Incarnum. I did not think it was a problem to bring a friend.”

The guard looks the warforged over then comes to a decision and steps back. “Follow Davis.” The guard states while motioning to come in and pointing to another armed guard within.

The two follow Davis to a short hall. He pauses at a doorway then enters. Inside a clean and mostly empty room. The floor is marble and the walls are mirrored with discolored reflections. Near the center are four couches and a few potted ferns. Sitting are two halflings, a human male in leather armor and axes at his side and a human female in plate armor. She turns stiffly and smiles when she sees Vander.

“Vander! There you are. How is my lil’ brother?”

“Arlene. I am well. Allow me to introduce my friend and ally- Incarnum.”

She stands up and nods to him. “Hello Incarnum. Allow me to introduce Lika and Luka- yes brother and sister, and my friend and ally- Phillip Mellows. The halflings give an animated wave and smile. Phillip nods and motions for them to sit at the empty couch.

The five begin (although Incarnum never speaks- only listens) a typical breaking of the ice discussion about family, this room, Sharn then Luka changes the subject to why Vander wished to meet.

“As members of the Wayfinders Foundation, we are curious, its our nature after all. Why do you have to ask us?”

“We were investigating and researching in a library in Mhor Holds and the book we were reading kept repeating several phrases. Due to unexpected visitors, we were forced to leave without the book. We hoped someone could help us with these phrases.”

“Go on brother.”

“Day of Nines.”

“Like the number? Sounds like a puzzle piece.” Happily states Lika.

Phillip looks to Arlene. “This was written within a book?”


“An old book?” asks Luka.

“I believe so. A teammate of mine looked at it- not I.”

“Both of us were guarding.” Stats the warforged. Before coming here, the seven of them discussed a cover story. The Wayfinders may wish to intrude which Dura and Leeya both felt was unnecessary at this point.

“He speaks!” says Lika sarcastically. “It is he right? Or do you associate with female?”

The warforged tilts his head slightly. “Associate…?”

“Never mind Lika. I have heard of this phrase once when we in a village near Totem Beach.” Silence. “Argonnessen” she adds as if that will help giving a location to Vander and Incarnum.

“The land of dragons?” offers Vander.

“Yes. I don’t speak of it often. It was…. Hard on me.”

“What does it refer to?” asks Vander with a hint of enthusiasm.

“Have you ever heard of the Draconic Prophecy?” Blank stares. “Strange runes that appear in secluded, out of the way areas, are written in an ancient dialect of the dragon language. Draconic.”

Vander continues to play dumb and the lack of reaction is very natural for the warforged.

“It spoke of the Day of Nines. We never could decipher what it meant but it bothered the local scout we were using. He said it concerned the dragon rulers he lived under the wing of.”

“So….. what does it mean?” asks Vander.

“We don’t know. Is it a day? Is it an event? Is it a plan? Has it already happened? Is it in our future? No one knows. I wish you still had that book. Maybe we can help retrieve it.”

“It may have been destroyed. I appreciate the offer.”

“You said phrases. What are the others?” asks the Axeman.

“Dragon Fear.”

Silence produced by concern. “Dragon’s Fear.” Lika says. “Dragon’s Fear…… another component of a Draconic Prophecy.”

“What would a dragon fear.” Asks Incarnum.

“That is what scares us. We don’t know and you have best never say that phrase before a dragon. They are very sensitive of it. Again little brother, Vandie, Vander…. Where did you find this book.”

“Mine shaft.”

“A…. mine shaft …?” follows Luka with some distrust obviously in his tone. “A dwarven mineshaft I assume…. In the Holds.”

“Yes.” Answers Vander. “The word ‘Hidden’ was repeated enough to make Leeya feel it was important.

The four Wayfinders look at each other and find no thoughts on the subject. Lika speaks first. “The answers to the riddle…. The Draconic Prophecy…. Is Hidden.”

Silence as it is clear that is not the meaning IF there is a meaning to the word.

Those were the three phrases he was to ask about. Unhappy to have no answers Vander decides to go off script and continue on. “Abnormal” lands?”

“Mournlands? Demon Wastes? Xen’drik? Possibly even Sarlona.” Answers Lika with less enthusiasm.

Twenty minutes later, Vander and Incarnum leave. Arlene gives him her love and hopes he visits her and the family soon again. Once they pass the garden and step onto the bridge she whirls about onto Phillip. “Could that idiot of a brother actually have found The Hidden?” The four smile and conspire.

Vander and Incarnum meet the Wayfinders at Alina Lorridan ir'Lyrris home

and are possibly used by The Wayfinder Foundation
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BARRAKAS 19, 999

“Heresy?!?!? What is she getting at?” Demands Bora.

“At that point, the Priest of Boldrei was referring to you I am afraid.” Answers solemnly the Paladin of the Sovereign Host- Aura.

“Me?!?” exclaims the half-orc barbarian.

“Yes. I did suggest you buy a gown or at least a traveler’s outfit.”

“This is my traveler’s outfit!”

“It is leather armor with metal and bone studs. It has untreated animal hide for trim. I can see goblinoid blood on it from last month. It is ….barbariac.” States the mysterious paladin wearing gleaming and just polished full plate armor.

“I AM a barbarian…… according to these….these…. argh….. clergy.”

Aura stops and turns to look at Bora. Bora huffs and grumbles then looks at her reflection on the armor. “Well…. Maybe he had a point……”

“And the candle you lit was not a prayer candle. It was a candle for rituals of death.”


“I did say not to touch anything.”

“So what now? Return to the apartment or go to another temple?”

“Excuse me- are the two of you known as Aura and Bora?” The two young women turn to see whom has addressed them and find an elf dressed in blue and white leather. “You fit the description I was given and you are where I was told to find you- if that is whom you are.”

With both women having their hands on the handles to their swords they stop. “Who asks?” demands Bora.

“My Master. She wishes to see you.”

“And who is your Master?”

“The sooner we go the happier she will be. She tends to hold to a tight schedule.” And the elf motions to follow him.

“Well?” asks the barbarian of the Paladin.

“I sense no ill intensions. Let us see who his master is.”

The three return to the area of Morgrave but enter a private stairway leading to a smaller tower away from the main university. They begin to climb a long set of wide stairs when Bora a large humanoid at the top. “Aura….. at the top.”

Aura looks up and sees a minotaur holding a very large battleaxe. “Don’t mind Fern. She is there to deter petty people with their petty questions involving games of chance.” Says the elf in exasperation.

“Who is your master again?” repeats Aura.

“Ah- we are there. Let us enter without further ado.” And the elf pushes on the doors and reveals a large single room within this dome shaped tower. Several columns and guards are within. Their eyes follow the columns and guards to the back of the room. Sitting on top of a large mound of golden-orange and bright blue pillows sits a large black winged cat with a female head. Her face has elven traits being elongated with arching green eyes. Several gold and copper pieces of jewelry are on her forehead and neck. Bright orange stripes are on her fur that seem to shimmer in the sunlight shown through green jungle – like stain glass windows. “I present to you Flamewind of Xen’drik.”

The Gynosphinx’s tail flaps a few times as she looks the two women over. Her nose sniffs the air and she then smiles pleasantly at them. “Welcome.”

“uh- Hi. Who are you and what do you want?” asks Bora.

“I am known as Flamewind. I come from a remote village on Xen’drix. Near from your home Paladin.”

“You know me?”

Flamewind gently nods her head to answer correctly. “As to answer why- I wish to give you and your Siberys Seven direction.”

“Siberys…. Seven.” Repeats Aura.

“Cool name.”

“How did you come to know of me and my friends?”

“Dreams & Visions. Like you- I have an important reason to be here.”

The two women wait.

The gynosphinx’s eyes begin to shimmer then glow. The strips on her fur also shimmer and come alive.


Flamewind shifts on her mound of pillows to better stare sown at the two.


The glow disappears from the elven face of the gynosphinx and her shoulders slump. The vision has weakened her greatly. “That is all. Now I must rest.”

“Flamewind….” Begins Aura.

“We may meet again and that is when we can discuss our homes in Xen’drix. Go. Rally the Seven and go west to face the Masters.” And with that, she stumbles off her pillows and disappears into a darkened area in the very back of the domed room.

“What do you make of that?” asks Bora.

“I do not know but I sense it is true. We need to find everyone and quickly.”

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