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Sidequest Decks KS Ending Today (May 12, 11pm US Eastern) - every card is a mini-adventure


We (Inkwell Ideas) have been making a series of Sidequest Decks over the past several years. Get the sample here. We're currently Kickstarting 4 new decks, and with your support we're making the decks bigger & better at no extra cost! It ends at 11pm US eastern time on May 12th.
Our Monster Hunts Sidequest Deck is already 72 cards from the original 54. But wouldn't it be great to make all 3 other new Sidequest Decks (Coastal Town Quests, Frontier Town Quests, & Pulp Adventures) 72 as well? They have already been expanded to 63 from the original 54, but 72 is even better!
If you're not familiar with them, each poker-sized card has a map on one side and a mini-adventure outline on the other side: GM info, story hooks, encounter plot points, & follow up ideas.
They're perfect if your group goes in an unplanned direction and you need to think of a plot-line to turn into a mini-adventure. Or use them to stock a hex-crawl or region of your world.
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