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Siege Perilous is a solo and troupe (group) roleplaying game about Arthurian knights questing across England. You will travel through the life of your knight, encountering characters, enemies, and NPCs. You will undertake quests, both for your own advancement and that of those you serve alongside and for.
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Siege Perilous about getting older and moving past old scars that still pull at you. It's about loss, discovery, pursuing perfection and failing. It is about romance, battle, conflict, duty, loyalty, love, faith, and death.
Siege Perilous is powered by a heavily rewritten and modified version of Firelights by Fari Games (see the end of this document). You will use Tarot cards to define your quests and goals, while using dice (two six-sided ones) and minor arcana cards to resolve and undertake actions. The game features one quest for every major arcana, as well as rules for battles, manors, challenges, aging, and romances.

Details & Features​

  • Solo roleplaying focused on travelling and exploring Britain as you pursue glory through the accomplishment of quests.
  • Easily expanded into due or troupe (group) play.
  • Can be played as an epistolary (letter-writing) rpg between knights.
  • 120 pages (subject to change)
  • Full color, with a mix of sepia art and full color art by Thomas Brown.
  • Tarot deck with fully illustrated major arcana, by Thomas Brown.
As is customary for most Gallant Knight Games Kickstarter projects, the game is fully complete, other than physical production (though subject to minor changes/alterations in layout, edits and more).

Team Members​

Writing, layout, and design: Alan Bahr​

Alan Bahr is the award-winning and bestselling designer/publisher behind Gallant Knight Games, as well as games and work published by other tabletop companies. Crescendo of Violence (Osprey Games) was the runner-up for Roleplaying Game of the Year by OnTabletop in 2022, and the TinyD6 line has won various awards over the years.

Illustration: Thomas Brown​

Thomas Brown is a prolific artist, perhaps best known for his work on the New England Gothic comic Hopeless, Maine. He has done art and covers for companies like Archaia Entertainment, Penguin, Chaosium and Gallant Knight Games, as well as many more.

Editing: Katherine Monastario​

Katherine is an editor extraordinaire, working on both tabletop games as well as fiction, in properties like Shadowrun, Battletech, literary works, and much more.

From Alan Bahr / Gallant Knight Games​

This game (more than anything else I've published to this point) comes from a very directly personal and essential place for me. I've put nearly a decade of thought, work, and inspiration into this game (and even half-heartedly made a previous version as a chapbook zine).
However, this Kickstarter represents my intended vision for this product, one I consider essential for my body of work in gaming. I've learned a lot over the last decade about making games, and in many ways, Siege Perilous represents a new steppingstone for how I approach game design.

Firelights by Fari Games​

This rules in this work are based on Firelights, a product of Fari RPGs, developed and authored by René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Siege Perilous from Gallant Knight Games
"A solo/troupe Arthurian roleplaying game powered by tarot and dice."


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