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Silven Publishing closes shop in 2007


Greetings everyone,

I have been a silent watcher on the ENWorld community forums, and this is truly a sad message for my very first posting here. :(

But I thought it is very important to get the word out to all fans of Silven Publishing that their great line of gaming PDFs will no longer carry the Silven label.

The website Silven.com will be shutdown in a few days time once its hosting contract expires.

Those of you still interested in getting a collector's edition of products bearing the notable "Silven" name can jump to RPGNow/DriveThruRPG (or OneBookShelf) and pick a few of the unique bundle offers.

Some notable products include:

(1) Libem Limborium (the very 1st and successful commercial PDF from Silven) RPGNow Link
(2) Races of Twilight BUNDLE (author is a friend from Silven and member of the Silven mods) RPGNow Link
(3) Korian's Magical Compedium: Runestones (also a friend and creator of Silven Bestiary) RPGNow Link
(4) Secret Societies (the 1st Silven product planned for hard copy production) RPGNow Link
(5) Silven Trumpeter (iconic magazine started by Silven Crossroads before it morphed into Silven Publishing) RPGNow Link

Sadly, all the back issues of the Silven Trumpeter are not stocked at RPGNow, so only personal collections like mine exist (consisting of every issue from Silven Crossroads).
However, due to legal restrictions, I am unable to offer even the free copies to the public.
Maybe, one day the owners of Silven publishing will resurrect their company like the mythical Phoenix.

Best wishes to the Silven team as they move on to other things in life.

(ps. Silven Publishing is NOT a victim of the DnD 4e roll out. Just a coincidence of strange events)

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The Mongoose guys did a great job with that book so we're very appreciative.

Keep your on on future announcements. Silven is in talks with other companies to pick up our existing PDF products. We don't know yet who it will be or when, but the products will remain available.


First Post
Good luck to all the people who brought value to the name. May they carry that value wherever they go. I'm sorry you guys are closing but I have to think you are making your personal lives your first priority.

On that score I wish you well in your new beginnings.

Good luck

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